• I scored higher than average with my test results in the 1980's

    With time factors, I struggled to answer questions that had to do with sports (baseball, football). Not having played or watched these sports made it more difficult to answer the question in a timely manner. Of course I have no idea if I answered correctly. Later when planning to go to graduate school, I actually bought some test prep books for the MAT. I remember thinking that I would have done so much better in high school if I had actually studied for the test.

  • Yes and others

    The question that is being asked is quite a good one to be asked. These test especially in recent years when it comes to students across the United States of America have become quite unfair. Some people could be very smart but are not good test takers when it comes to things.

  • No, standardized tests are not gender biased.

    No, standardized tests are not biased against women. Standardized tests are not made to be biased against any gender. That is why they are called "standard". Standardized tests are unbiased based on gender and if anything, allow a way for women to showcase their intelligence and skills without anyone knowing off the bat that they are women. It takes the bias out of the situation until the person reviewing the test realizes they are a woman. This allows the woman to be graded based only on how she did on the test, and not on her gender.

  • haven't heard such a thing

    We get people like to blame other people for their mess ups. This one I have not heard before. I have never heard a women complain about standard tests being bias against them. Sometimes people just like to create problems that are not even there, because they think it is fun I guess.

  • No, they only test intellegence.

    Standardized testing only examines to make sure the students understand the material. It has nothing to do with Gender. The entire concept of men being smarter than women is some ancient archaic and out dated myth that men are supposed to be better than women because men are supposed to be superior.

  • No, standardized tests are not bias against women.

    I do not believe with the notion that standardized tests are bias against women. I think that a lot of the people who claim that have some bias. People like to blame others for their own failures. And I think that this is one of those cases. There are no evidence to suggest that these tests are bias.

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