• Standardized test is nessecary

    It is not a complete waste of time because it brings out the inner out of a person in academics like it shows the dumb and the smart people in a place in other for them to be proud of where their are standing and be able to improve in studies

  • We can learn single things in the school

    When we do standardized test in the school when the mark is done and we see the test paper and try to fix that wrong question we can know why we are wrong this question so we can be more careful in important test or next test. So we can get more good scores than before.

  • It is important because the test helps place were you are in edecation.

    People need to placed because if some people always get lower classes then they will keep on getting A+ and if people get normal classes instead of remediation then they will get D's and C's maybe even F's, so yes we do need standardized tests and help make classes challenging.

  • Fair keeps it easy

    No changing from test to different test to different test to different test etc
    Students waste enough lesson time without having teachers explaining the new test system for this school year. This wastes learning time. Standadise all tests save students and teachers lots of unnesasary hastle. Standadised is the way to go!!!!!

    Posted by: dcn
  • Standardised = Fair.

    Here, university admission is determined nearly solely by your score in the HKDSE. It's the only fair way. Schools have different exams, different marking schemes, teachers with different standards. Standardised tests are, well, standardised. It gives a fair representation of what you've learnt, and the test is the same for every single person in the country, so there's no unfairness there. If you think the test takes away learning, that's a problem with the specific test and not the nature of tests themselves.

  • Yes should be.

    Because with standard ties test you can see how you are improving in your school. People don't want to take it because they are lazy. So for you to say no, Androctonus, you are lazy. If you are not willing to challenge yourself, how can you learn and improve what you need to work on?

  • Standardized Tests are not "Fair"

    Typical standardized tests utilize a multiple choice system. Different people learn in many different ways. The 'standard' methods are auditory, visual, logical, and kinetic. (There are probably others, so I'm not saying these are the only ones!) Considering different people learn differently a multiple choice test given to everyone would not suite everyone's learning styles. Some people do better at essays, some are better at presenting, and others are better at tactile activities rather than theoretical academic ones. (I know there is an essay component in some standardized tests, but you can't rely on it for a better score overall.) Perhaps teachers are the ones that should be challenged to think of ways to examine students without developing a cookie cutter format that obviously doesn't work for everyone. The ultimate focus for tests shouldn't be 'let's make it easier on the teachers to grade students' but it should be 'how much has each student learned and how have they progressed'?

  • It's a complete joke

    You can’t compare someone’s knowledge to random test questions. It’s an unfair system that’s unnecessary. Study’s even show that your knowledge can’t be calculated based on SATS/ACTS tests. Placement tests are a complete joke that aren’t necessary. When I took the SATs majority of what was on it was things I never learned in high school. I don’t think schools care enough to prep you for this test and the stress that comes along with it. Eventually, I believe standardized tests will be kicked to the curve and college will find another way to evaluate students.

    Take a look at this article It’ll probably persuade you to think otherwise about standardized testing.

  • In my opinion, no they are not.

    I don't really see the point of standardized testing in schools. It wastes class time and adds unneeded stress. I know that they are often used to show how effectively schools are teaching their students based on tests scores, but can be inaccurate. Most students I know who take standardized tests state that they put minimal efforts into them so that they can just get them over quickly.

  • They don't apply to everyone

    They only put money into the pockets of the rich. They cost so much and I wonder why people's taxes go up. They only apply to a small amount of students. Students miss one whole week of school. They (the students) miss a week of instructions. Either way, why would you want to compare the knowledge to a random student?

  • No not at all

    Standardized testing is just way for the government and state to keep their nose in what our teacher's are doing. There is so little trust in teacher's nowadays and this is making it worse because it makes the teacher's feel like they are being evaluated. Also, these tests cause so much stress in children. There is the famous "This does not count towards your grade" hook that many tests use, but that tells the students that they shouldn't try. They are a waste of funding and a waste of time in the school year

  • I think it's outdated and ineffective nowadays.

    A standardized test does not determine a child's intelligence to a certain subject. Most standardized test today are outdated and ineffective. Nowadays, teachers and students focus on "learning to pass a test" rather than testing to determine how much you've learned. This whole thing narrows down a child's logic and creativity. Kids should be intuitively learning information that they can use in real life not some tactics to pass or learn certain information that's going to be on a test. Some students go to an extent of cheating or finding "hacks" to pass that test and get their diploma. It's only harming the future of the student and our society. Although some might argue that it's an easier and "efficient" way to measure a student's ability. I disagree because that student could have rigged his/her tests and not intuitively learn about it.

  • Standardized tests are not fair

    They just say who is better than others.Students might feel bad about their grade and their friends can laugh at them. The other kids will just pick on the students and then that will make them fell dumb and stupid. The teachers will only reward the ones who got good grades and they wont even give the ones with a bad grade a pat on the back.

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