Are standardized tests the best way to universally compare students?

Asked by: JuliaD
  • Yes, test should be allowed!!!

    Teachers would have a very hard time finding the right placement for A student. Also if we what to catch up to education, we are one step closer with standardized test. Like the chinese they always have standardized and look were they are now!!!
    Now who is up for standardized test!!!!!!

  • Yes, standardized testing is a good way to measure a student's proficiency in a certain subject, then compare that score to other students.

    There are no other international measurements other than standardized testing. Questions and grading methods are the same for every student, and a grade on the test is proof that a student is either good or bad at a certain subject, so both the teacher and student could see and compare their progress.

  • Yes, there needs to be an objective measure.

    Yes, standardized tests are the best way to universally compare students, because there is no other way to measure between schools. If each school can create their own system, there is no way to know if the school is inflating grades. There needs to be some way to measure between schools, because schools vary in achievement and academic standards.

  • Kids could fail

    When kids are working in class most of the time their doing great, but when it comes to tests they start to worry. Most kids fail standarized tests because they are nervous if they are going to fail or pass and they worry if they remeber all the stuff they had learned that year

  • Testing shouldn't be judged by your stupidness or smartness.

    Testing should be judge by how you tried your best on doing it. It don't matter if you failed on it. As long as you try that's all it matter. What don't matter is what you know but what matter is what you don't know so focus on what you don't know.

  • Standarized tests are horrible

    Why base a student's mind on a test? Why base a teacher's sucess on a test? Why? The more the school board depends on these tests, the more they fall deeper and deeper into the illusion that everyone gets the same education. People are ignoring the fact that not everyone is rich and not everyone can afford to learn. We need to fix this.

  • Standarized tests are horrible

    Standardized tests are not the way to compare students, or an effective way to tell if students are actually succeeding academically. It's time we ditch this concept and start facing the hard facts: poverty and inequality are the major drivers of our educational problems, and we need to address these to fix our schools.

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