• This is a crime against humanity

    For years the highlight of every Christmas for me was buying a coffee at Starbucks and appreciating it's undeniable and unique Christian values, like the three snowflakes that visited Jesus or that reindeer that helped him ascend to heaven. It broke my heart to see that their new design eschews all this and instead chooses to emphasize the color red juxtaposed with the he green of their logo, an obvious appraisal of bell peppers. This is obviously an inflammatory message because it symbolizes gay marriage because bell peppers only have one way of sexually reproducing, and is an attack on cornerstones of both Christian and American Christmas traditions like going Christmas shopping the day after thanksgiving and eating the transubstantiated flesh of a carpenter who lived over two thousand years ago. When I discovered they abandoned Christmas I was so distract that I tripped over their display of Christmas-themed coffee blend and slammed my head on one of their advent calendar themed ornament collections.

  • We should not underestimate the power of image in propagating a message.

    Images are very powerful and they can convey a message more effectively than words. The symbolism associated with the new designs of the cups are quite ambiguous as the red color means human emotions and feelings. But the green color signifies envy and pride from which we should stay away and protect our soul. So by missing the red color with the green color we are signifying the emotions which are negative from which we need to protect ourselves. However, we should not read too much into a symbolism.

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  • It is illogical to think so.

    It doesn't even make sense if you think about it. Why is it that having a plain cup is offensive. "Because it shows that they don't support Christmas." Well no it doesn't what it shows is they are changing their designs to make it different each year otherwise it would be boring.

  • No, its a cup

    It's a damn color on a cup ... Whats wrong with red? Nothing. Its a color ... On a cup. Stop making this a huge deal guys. What has this world become!? . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

  • Why would they be anti-Christian?

    I don't see the point of removing Christmas designs on the cups, yet there's no reason people should be offended. Would you be offended if I set up a red Christmas tree rather than a green one? No, you wouldn't. It may not be like the usual Christmas tree, but it's too minor of a detail to matter. Starbucks has the right to change the design, after all, it's not like they had to make a holiday cup in the first place. My understanding is that the previous designs were reindeer and ornaments... But those aren't even Christian symbols. They're Christmas symbols, but they aren't necessarily used throughout the bible. As a Catholic, this change doesn't make much sense, but it's not offensive in the slightest either.

  • Just no way

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  • Starbucks' cups are not offensive or anti-anything.

    While Starbucks may have featured more elaborate cup designs in past holiday seasons, I do not take offense to the company switching to a simple, red look for 2015. The new design is minimalist and pleasing to the eye, and nothing about it suggests malice toward any one group of people. Those making a stir about Starbucks' cup design changes are simply grasping at straws.

  • I don't think color matters.

    I don't think people should read too much into the color of a cup. Starbucks has the right to express themselves by changing the color of a cup, and as long as they are not intentionally inflaming people by using words that are intolerant they are doing nothing wrong. Color is universal.

  • The red cups are neutral

    The red cups are neutral, and that is all that Starbucks was going for when they made that decision to change their holiday cups. They are working hard to not offend anyone, and yet the Christians still seem offended. If these Christians were truly following Jesus Christ, then they would not be offended as Jesus would not have been offended.

  • I disagree with the assertion that Starbucks' red cups are anti-Christian.

    No, Starbucks' red cups are not anti-Christian. The prefix "anti-" means to be against something, and that is not what Starbucks is doing with the design change. It is my understanding that the reason they changed the cups to a plain red design is because they didn't want to exclude any people who are not Christian. Saying that the design change is anti-Christian would be like saying that it is anti-Jewish for not containing any Jewish symbols.

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