• The Governemnt IS corrupt AF

    Seventy percent of Americans believe that United States government is corrupt. The number saying the government is corrupt is up dramatically, almost 10 points, since President Obama took office. Is the government actually corrupt or is it just a hoax? I personally do believe the government is iniquitous, and here is why. Princeton University researchers recorded over 20 years of data to show whether or not the government actually represents the people, this is what they found. If literally no one supports a bill there is a 30% chance of it becoming a law. Okay, now take a very popular idea that everyone supports. It also has a 30% chance of becoming a law. This means that many american voters that are for or against a law has NO impact that the congress’s final decision. If you ever feel like you're opinion doesn’t matter or you’re not being heard, then you’re absolutely right! To the government, your opinion is treated lower than germs!
    But this data only represents the low income earners in America. The higher payed citizens in the country have their own data. If they want something the government is much more likely to pass it, and if they don’t want it then they can completely stop the whole bill, no matter how much other people support it. Either way they get what they want, and we all have to pay for it. With either overpriced healthcare, our internet, taxes, and many other ways. Right now, you’re probably thinking “Wow, I didn’t even know the government could even do this!” Well, they can, and they mainly only do it for one thing. MONEY.
    Currently in the U.S it is perfectly legal to buy political influence. Let’s use a big bank for an example. If they want a law that will force taxpayers, us, to bail them out of jail, if they have reckless behavior, then they can do that with money. It probably isn't the most popular bill with the public and the government knows that, but that is where money comes in. The bank can hire a team of lobbyist, and they make sure the government gives what the back wants. With the money the lobbyist “earn”, they track down congress members to regulate banks, and help raise money to help towards their reelection campaign. They pay the Congressman BILLIONS of dollars, and the lobbyist can literally write out the bill himself, and the congressman will sneak it in at the last minute, and it will become a law. This happens EVERYDAY with both political parties. Corruption is legal in the United States as long as you have the money to buy political influence. This country becomes worse everyday, and the government isn’t doing anything but support it.

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