• Yes, I think most are doing a decent job

    I think we are doing a much better job then overseas. If something slips through the holes, we can considered it a win. They are not perfect,but all you have to do is look overseas. There are videos of kids playing in toxic streams that run straight off from a waste facility or plant.

  • Yes, I think the States are doing a good job in publicing their toxic waste disposal sites.

    I think if you are interested in finding out where a State disposes toxic waste at there are numerous phone numbers to call or a simple Internet search would reveal it very quickly, I think all the information is public knowledge and nothing is hidden from public view, I think States have gone above and beyond in this regard.

  • Not All States are Open

    Not all states are open about their toxic waste disposal sites simply because of the bad things that can happen. If someone gets their hands on toxic waste, there can be such maladies as contaminated ground water, poisoned air and toxic food. Some states keep their toxic waste sites a secret so as to prevent a terrorist attack, which is part of the challenge of security versus liberty in the United States.

  • No, at least based on what I've seen.

    I don't think states, or local governments, are doing the best job at letting people know how to dispose of toxic waste. There is a location where I live, but you have to go there in person with a permit obtained from City Hall, and I'm sure most people don't want to bother with the hassle and likely throw things away in the trash. This is unsafe. It's important for local governments to do a good job of educating people about how to dispose of items, and it would also be good if they provided curbside pickup at least once a year, or some other easier method.

  • Not good enough

    I think most of the progressive and liberal states are doing a decent job of publicizing their toxic waste disposal sites, but it is not a good enough job and not transparent enough. The coservatives, on the other hand, keep their garbage under lock and key as usual and turn a blind eye.

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