• I stay at home. Some perspective.

    I take care of our one year old daughter and it really isn't as much of a strain as people/the media leads most people to believe.

    I make meals during the day, and freezer meals that I prepare and put in ziploc bags so he wont starve when Im not at home, clean up the house, read/play with her, and when I'm done I maybe crochet/read/game to pass time until the next day.

    A small child is stressful, sure, but maybe the problem is people know that it isn't all that hard and MAKE it hard on themselves by coming up with a laundry list of inane activities to feel more accomplished.

    If you love your job it's easy.

  • They clean the house,

    These parents are the ones that make dinner, clean the house, do the laundry, and take care of the smaller kids. While the other parent works on a steady job. That is why stay at home parents are not lazy, but hard workers. It also an awesome feeling when one comes home to an open hug.

  • Mostly they do nothing

    They say oh I stay at home as if its a title. I have lived with three stay at home moms. When the kids are little fine it is needed or daycare. But at a certain age they are no longer needed. They cook watch the kid clean up a bit it really isnt that hard

  • Many of them stay home because having a full time job is inconvenient for them and their family.

    For example: My dad
    He is technically a stay at home day, though he is an app developer and has his work teem in India. He has no office, so he stays home, and takes calls at night time. My dad can't have a real full time job because his 87 year old mother lives with us. He needs to take care of the house because there is no one else to do that job. My mom works like a maniac, working at 5 in the morning on calls, and coming home late. My dad isn't lazy. He has things to take care of that he can't neglect. Some stay at home parents have newborn children and obviously they have to stay home to take care of the child. Many people have at home circumstances that don't allow for a full time job. And of course many do, but choose to work from home.

  • They work harder then you think!

    Having a work at home mum was easy, because she did all the work for me! I think that there are a lot of parent that might be lazy when it comes to staying at home watching the Tv and getting take-out. There is, however, a lot of parents that work REALLY hard to keep the house clean, because they might have more then 2 children and need to clean all day. My mum is really good at cooking and that takes a lot of time, I think that cleaning and cooking is not being lazy at all.

    Parents also do things at home with their kids like homeschool and that takes work and dedication, you need to learn the school curriculum for your child's age group and then teach it (correct me if I'm wrong).

    Posted by: IIN
  • No, of course not

    It all starts with the first act of labour, and arguably the most important; carrying a child. To raise a human is the most essential job to human life, it’s not lazy to want to focus on forming a good child. Bad mothers are lazy, but to say all mothers who stay at home are shows a lack of understanding. I’ve never seen a mother lazing about, or doing nothing, they’re always observing their children, feeding them, changing them, teaching them etc. It’s difficult to be a good mother

  • No they are staying home to take care of their children !

    Stay at home parents should be getting support for what they do although they may not have a job or career stay at home parents still work hard. Raising children is not an easy job they are working hard to made sure that their children are going and continue to go down the right path . They in my book should not even be categorized as "stay at home parents" they are just parents trying to do right for their kids.

  • Lots of work

    Clean clothes, hang clothes on washing line, take them off, iron clothes, fold clothes, vacuum the house, mop the house, clean bathrooms, look after kids, help kids homework, sort out fights, cook the meals, pack the lunchboxes, pay the bill, do the shopping. The list is never ending. They are not lazy.

  • Defiantly not in a decent amount of cases.

    Some people think that all stay at home parents are lazy who just sit on their butt. When in reality not all stay at home parents are lazy who just sit on their butt. In fact a decent amount of stay at home parents work harder than a decent amount of people who work outside the home. Being a stay at home parent involves taking care of the Children and the house such as cooking and cleaning. Also some stay at home parents homeschool their Children that's far from being lazy.

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