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  • No they are not

    I would not say that stem cells are bad. They should serve a purpose somewhere in the body perhaps by helping the body replenish its fluids or tissues and who knows what other purposes they might serve since scientists are still learning about the human body parts and how it works.

  • Stem cells are good

    Stem cell research needs to continue, and stem cells are vital to a new breakthrough in medicine that can seriously alleviate many problems and raise the lifespan and quality of life considerably. Religious objections have little weight when quality of life is concerned, or at least they shouldn't. It's time we do this.

  • It's not bad.

    Stem cells aren't bad at all. I think we should try everything we can in order to kill and or cure diseases. Some say that embryonic stem cell research isn't good, and it takes a life from someone who is helpless. 1 life doesn't compare to the thousands lost from the diseases that we could possibly cure someday with the research.

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