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  • Stem cells are beneficial.

    We are on the brink for many cures which involve the use of stem cells. We need to keep studying and learning how they can help someone with MS, or Parkinson's disease. People with diabetes would benefit from stem cell research. There is nothing but good that comes out of the research.

  • Highly beneficial research

    I strongly support the use of stem cells for genetic and medical research. As it has the potential to cure all known diseases and disorders. However it baffles me how on can be against such a wonderful human innovation. This research can save billions and at the cost of what a few embryos? That seems like a fair trade to me.

  • Yes, I believe stem cells are or will soon be beneficial.

    So far it seems like stem cells will be beneficial. Right now it may be too soon to actually get those benefits out of the stem cells, but I am sure it is only a matter of time before we have our next big scientific breakthrough and start figuring things out.

  • Everything indicates yes

    Major thanks to Dubya for putting us so far behind on this one. There is everything to indicate stem cells may not only be a way but the only way there is to definitively defeat certain diseases. Utilizing them needs to be studied and tested extensively because they are almost assuredly the future.

  • No, they do not show promise.

    No, stem cells are not beneficial, because there is no evidence that the stem cells are effective at either growing new body parts or curing illnesses. They are a nice theory, but in reality, they have not shown to work. When the cost to create the stem cells is a human life, they should try other ways to develop lifesaving technology.

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