• Strip clubs are immoral:

    Strip clubs emphasize the sexualization of the human body, regardless of who is actually stripping, which then acts to devalue the human in question and falsely inflate their onlooker as "patrons" granting them funds for the dehumanizing behavior. It is indefensible behavior, even if sought by the dehumanized, to continue to emphasize sexualization of the human body or to encourage the standard which suggests that sex itself is something that should be considered sacred and granted such a status that it can be capitalized upon by the lewd.

  • Strip clubs are horrible!

    I am a 16 year old male who has been forced to work in a strip club ever since my mother sold me for 1 months rent. The owner is really mean, he makes me wear this really fragile tuxedo that falls off when the women grab it. Sometimes I have to fight my way offstage. I always end up with about a thousand dollars and numbers in my pocket. But then the owner takes all the cash and leaves me with the paper. I then get shoved into my closet. I'm only allowed to use the bathroom once a day. I'm not allowed toilet paper, so I use the phone numbers I get to wipe. How did I manage to post this? I am currently on stage using a fans phone. OH SNAP! He sees me, Save me please, I'm currently on 47th of D.......*line cuts*

  • Strip clubs are really shameful

    Thinking about the purpose of having such strips clubs , I found it immoral. It devalues women beings,When they miss their important role in the community.I think it's better for them if they enjoy their lives in another ways. And who knows if the stripping is their desire or they are compelled to do this for many reasons such as for the money or they missed the purpose of their lives then they pursued this way...

  • Strip clubs are regulating the prohibited

    The strip club is the legal way that the business owners can use the women in making the profits, So instead of the slavery where the the women are forced to be sold to others with no choice or decision, They are selling themselves as a result of the the misconception of morality and dignity in the society, In which the freedom of opinion improved a lot of different sides but also destroyed a huge part of its moral basis to the extent people do not know if such thing is moral or not!

  • Sexual Objectification = Immoral Action

    First, define sexual objectification:

    Treating a person merely as an instrument of sexual pleasure while disregarding other qualities that contribute to their self worth or dignity.

    Second let us define the primary objective of a 'soft-core' action that occurs in strip clubs - erotic dancing:

    The stimulation of erotic or sexual thoughts in viewers.

    Now, with the above two fundamental definitions, we shall see if we can form the beginning stub of an argument that strip clubs encourage behavior that intrinsically provokes sexual objectification in its viewers. Just add a little thought now, and we get this:

    People patronize strip clubs so that they can view erotic dancing. They will pay strippers money to perform a behavior that has the objective to sexually stimulate viewers. Viewers enter into a very shallow or superficial form of sexual engagement with performers. More specifically, they receive sexual gratification from a fake form of sexual intimacy. Or, in more plain words, they become sexually intimate with an erotic dancer without entering into a meaningful relationship with the performer.

    Now, we conclude by going back up to the first definition:

    Sexual objectification is the treating of a person merely as an instrument of sexual pleasure while disregarding their other qualities which contribute to their self worth = Gaining sexual intimacy with an erotic dancer without entering into a meaningful relationship with the performer = I want you to fulfill my sexual desires, but I don't want to become very involved with you.

    Voila! We have created the equation which when matched with the headline of this post equals immoral action ;)

  • Strip clubs are dehumanising

    I think strip clubs are part of a broader social problem of sexual objectification and male sexual entitlement. I think anything that contributes to the notion that a human being is a commodity cannot be positive for society. Whether you are selling a man or a woman, it is not a healthy pursuit. I understand it's a common thing but that doesn't necessarily make it ok. We have to think about the broader social context, the fact that we live in a society that constantly objectifies people (mostly women). I think strip clubs are a manifestation of a sexually objectifying culture. A culture that exploits the female form for monetary gain. I think that's dehumanising.

  • Look at how women behave as a whole, both in history and nowadays before answering.

    Women have campaigned a lot about how they should be treated equally, and how they should not be objectified. Now, my opinion on 'feminism' is a whole different argument, but if you see the new American pageant shows, displaying very young children in skimpy clothing, it really does make me not understand feminism.

    To the point, the dancers in these clubs do so of their own accord, and in some cases enjoy it, and are free to leave as they wish. These women put themselves in the position that some would argue as "Men leering at young girls", but if they do it of their own accord and enjoyment, how is it immoral? Without the women wanting to work there, the clubs would not exist. So how is that men being sexist?

    My own opinion of Gentlemens' Clubs is not relevant, but they really do get a bad press and after thinking about it, I feel it is unjustified.

  • Of course not.

    It is moral to create any business you would like, as long as it isn't harming anyone else forcefully against their will.

    How does a strip-club harm anyone? The girls who work at them make money, and the people who go to them enjoy them.

    If you really think they are immoral, why do you have the right to force your opinion on others anyway? What you think is immoral may not be immoral in the mind of another, and considering the fact that strip-clubs don't forcefully affect the lives of others, I think that pondering about banning them merely because of your personal ethical opinions is just wrong.

  • I dont think so but people arent a good judge when it comes to right and wrong

    Well if it isnt hurting anyone then in my opinion its not bad. Guys want to see naked chicks and some chicks want to dance naked for them. Everybody is different and we have different likes and dislikes. The only reason a lot of things are considered to be immoral is because of the majorities likes and dislikes. And most people dont like young women taking off their cloths for a bunch of old men. Thats the only reason its considered to be bad. Are likes and dislikes change though with time. Its becoming less and less "immoral". There was a time when everbody owned slaves and didnt think they were doing anything wrong. Today we dont own slaves and think its a horrible thing to do. Who knows what all we are still doing wrong. Obviously people arent good judges on whats right and wrong or at least most people arent as there are thousands of different sets of rules we call morality that contradict each other. Most of us have to be wrong. That being said i thing we should just shut up

  • Morality is relative.

    If one accepts that; morals are not universal; then prostitution is to each their own, and should be considered on an individual level (which is to say law or legislation would not be necessary). If one agrees that; if there are universal morals, they are to protect some also universal understanding of what is right, objectively, across all cultural/religious boundaries; one would have to also accept the legalization of prostitution would violate none of these being as sexuality is a varying and confusing confluence between a number of social, cultural, and individual variables.

  • Why would they be.

    If someone wants to show their body to someone else and that person is willing to pay to see that other persons body who am I to be the judge of if its moral. Morality is subjective and so people that think strip clubs are immoral probably get their morals from a book or a preacher. More liberated minds will see there is nothing wrong with stripping.

  • They serve society

    I think without going further, strip clubs help society a lot. Why? Let's suppose that I am an ugly guy and no girl likes me, my sexual desires cannot be fulfilled and I will be frustrated and angry probably. I can go to a strip club and for some money I can have a little fun, maybe know a little bit more about girls and myself and go on with my life with less frustration probably. If there were no strip clubs, I think all these people would be a lot more frustrated and probably there would be more violence against women in a lot of different ways. The people that work in these places make a living out of it. No one gives out money for something they don't perceive as valuable. If the girls are doing it freely, I don't see the problem with these places existing. You don't like it? Fine, don't go there. I know a lot of woman would't want these places to exist, but that's imposing your view onto everyone trying to come up with a morality argument. I think moral is something every person determines for themselves. As long as you are not damaging a third party, everyone is free to do whatever they feel like and as far as I know, everyone in the strip club is there freely. So what's the big deal?

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