Are strippers the female equivalent to males that joint the military?

Asked by: mlibb
  • I'm a vet, it's sad but true.

    When you look at the types of males who choose to join the military you can't help but think that if that same person was a female they'd become a stripper. Males who enlist in the military typically come from a moderately low socioeconomic status, have parents without a college education with conservative views, and are in good physical fitness. Many join in order to support a child or family. Another large segment join to pay for college, which is rarely completed. Because culturally the view of service members still revolves around masculinity it makes sense that femininity leads to exotic dancing.

  • Depends on what you mean, but no

    I don't see the scenario where someone becomes a stripper as a higher calling, in the hopes to make the world a better place, and to stop horrible powers from taking away our freedoms. Nor do I see a stripper dying for their job to ensure any good thing for others.

    Seems like kind of a silly comparison.

  • Different motives apply

    I see a set of totally different motives for the two things:

    The Army: Wanting a job that is respected and secure, that keeps one fit and provides a place where they take care of you. "Group activity".

    Exotic Dancing: Wanting a job that pays the bills and enables your personal way of living rather than job that provides a good reputation or long-term-jobs-security. "Solo activity".

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