• Yes, struggling farmers are getting enough government help.

    I think that struggling farmers are getting enough help from the government of the United States of America. I do not think that industries like farming should be treated that much differently from other private businesses. I think that the help they do get from the government is more than a lot of other industries get.

  • They get all kinds of help.

    Yes, struggling farmers receive enough help from the government, because they are given all kinds of grants. Sometimes, farmers are paid not to produce, or they are paid to just bury their crop rather than even give it to the needy. Farmers are a feel-good profession. You can't criticize them just like you can't criticize a mother's parenting.

  • In some ways

    In many ways farmers have several avenues to receive help from the government. There are a variety of farming subsidies that can be received, and several farms can operate profitably with nothing but the subsidies. It may be hard for the government to meet the farmers needs in other ways, though.

  • Yes, I think struggling farmers are receiving enough help from the Government.

    I think the Government has many generous programs that provide help to both large and small farmers, I think many of the representatives from the states with large amounts of farmers have successfully passed many bills that provide help to farmers, I think the Government has gone above and beyond helping farmers in the country.

  • No, but the rich farmers are

    All this talk about poor people being to dependent on the government. What about the rich people who are dependent on the government? Members of congress, who are financially better off than most in this country, receive more on average in subsidies for their farms than average poor farmer in America. How the game is rigged!

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