• Yes, student loans are worth it.

    Yes, I think that student loans are worth it. An education is perhaps the most important thing anyone can achieve. If someone is serious about getting a higher education, they will need to pay for it and sometimes student loans are the best option. If the student works really hard, they will surely make something of themselves and be able to pay off the loans.

  • You make up the difference.

    The average difference between the yearly income of a college-educated individual versus a non-college educated individual is very large. While student loans are also very expensive, a person expects to work roughly 35 years after graduation. This difference in yearly incomes adds up and easily out-pays the cost of the student loans.

  • Yes student loans are worth taking out in order to be able to afford to attend school.

    The time and effort required obtain student loans in order to attend college is well worth the effort. The loans are a cheap and easy source of the funds necessary to attend the college or other education institution of your choice. These loans provide a long-term solution to the cost of improving one's earning power.

  • Yes, they are worth it.

    Student loans do make a college education available to people who may not be able to afford it otherwise. People have to be cautious in taking out these loans because they are fairly easy to get but more difficult to pay back. It is hard to predict the future and a potential college student needs to take into consideration their chosen field and its earning ability. Many of the woes people have with student loans occur when their college degree doesn't result in a well paying job and they incur extra penalties and interest on their debt while they struggle to pay it off. However, a college education is invaluable for life in general, it is well worth investing in when a person uses common sense.

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