Are students being treated like animals in schools?

Asked by: Stage13-10
  • In what way are students -not- treated like animals?

    Well how about we think about it:
    A student who disobeys the authority is punished. Students have been forced to undergo police raids, infringements upon their Fourth Amendment rights, infringements upon their First Amendment rights. Students are not allowed to defend themselves when attacked, and students are not allowed to speak in opposition to certain causes. Students are kept in a cage (the school) and not allowed to leave and students are forced to undergo a series of "training". Students are told when to eat and what to eat. Students are not allowed to protest or leave. And in some places, students are dressed up as the district pleases, and not to their own accordance.

    Wish me to go on? I can.

  • Ah, what a world we live in.

    I thought we were human beings with a desire for education, not dogs going to obedience school to be trained. All you had to do was wait 7 hours outside home, and then go back. Now it's becoming a dystopia where Adults > kids. Look here, Just because you're older, doesn't mean you're wiser or better. This doesn't give you the authority to treat kids like animals.

  • Woah, now that I think of it

    'But all the stuff we are writing down is exactly in the textbook.'

    'You cannot say that. You do what I say.'

    I guess some good teachers can be excused from this topic, but yeah, those who just mind their salary and those who treat students like slaves do spell the flaws in our society.

    Posted by: Jedd
  • Students are treated like animals !

    As we know it changes person to person but you'll read my opinion supported by my flashbacks.
    First of all, in primary school, my teachers were like monsters treating you like you are a slave or an animal as if they were the creators of you. How they were treated?
    Everyday you are forced to clean the garden of the school by gathering all the rubbishes and if you don't gather, you'll be exposed to violence by your teachers. Yes, they hit you mercilessly. On the other hand, even animals are not exposed to such a violence.
    In primary and secondary school if you don't do your homework, the teachers again hit you. Sometimes, just because you didn't understand the work you should have done, you couldn't do naturally and this brings your downfall; they hit you and shout at you repeatedly.

    So, do you still have an opposite thought ?

  • Yes yes yes

    We are being treated like animals because we are given orders and get consequences when we are bad . So yes we are being treated like animals so this is my argument for this debate I think I have ended it so there's my problem thank you for reading goodbye.

  • Well duh, schools horrible

    School keeps training you to do stuff every day, just like animal training. They also make you get up at like 5:00 AM. And every day all the teachers are like blah blah blah, no no no. It's soooooooooooooo annoying. I'm a student so I know. School is so horrible.

  • As a student, that's what it has felt like.

    I'm not going to sit here and say that school is never enjoyable, and has no good aspects. That's absolutely not true. Learning is a good thing, and being exposed to children of the same age is valuable.
    But let me tell you a little story.
    A girl enters middle school, still hopeful and one of the few people who still "likes school." She meets new friends and starts each day with enthusiasm.
    Fast-forward to a year later. She gets bored with school and begins to learn to hate it. What she is learning is not difficult for her to grasp, but she struggles each night to complete an inhumane amount of homework. By 8th grade, she has spent almost every night doing nothing but schoolwork, and a part of her weekends as well.
    Now it's her freshman year. Going in, she already knows it will be worse than middle school. She has friends but that isn't enough. She struggles to finish homework and often fails to do so. Every day when she arrives at school, she looks through the bars (yes, schools have gates now) and wishes to go home. But it's useless; at this point, her home life consists of nothing but schoolwork. Weekends are gone.
    That year she is diagnosed with depression.
    The way that children are treated in schools really does remind me of the way you would treat stray animals. We can't be trusted, and we need to be trained. What I don't understand is that we have the responsibility of building our entire future on our shoulders but apparently we aren't responsible enough to go to the bathroom whenever we want. They ban things we enjoy (i.E. Pokemon cards) and yet they demand that we find hobbies. There's no worse feeling than knowing you are forced to be in a place you don't want to be in, are not gaining much from being in, and have no voice against authority. There is no argument. There is no room for acceptance or consideration. There is only you, your peers, and the tasks you are assigned.

  • I'm 17, Listening to the School Librarian Gossip About Me and Others to a Peer Librarian

    This will be kept anonymous because I've had multiple run-ins with my school administration because of my particularly rebellious free speech. I'm in Texas, attending school in a conservative community with strict expectations of every class, race, gender, and age. As such, from my experience, high school students are not only treated as animals that need training, but also sources of gossip for my teachers. Not only is this disrespectful towards us as fellow HUMAN beings; however, it also blatantly dehumanizes us. Among this, my school (and provincial county) is allowed to spank us, much like you would a dog whose had an accident. Our principal leads by strict intimidation frequently yelling at freshmen students and at the upper classmen over the PA in the mornings for something as nominal and demeaning as wearing our I.D.S-much like chipping a runaway dog...
    I'll leave it at this.

  • I am oppressed

    If I have to use the bathroom at school, I have to ask my teacher so that he can open the door and I can go outside to take a shit. I hate shitting outside because the teachers just laugh at you but I take comfort in the fact that I'm not the only one.

  • Of course it is.

    No matter how much I want to break free, I somehow find myself doing what I'm told; that is wasting my time on curriculum that doesn't improve my humanity and teach me how to live in the world. The authorities don't care about your passions if they aren't related to a specific career that makes you like anyone else. I know everything in my classes, so I decide to work on art. Yet I'm always faced with the words, "do your work, or it get's taken away." What good does "it" serve me if my life is consumed by your work?

    "Take it for all I care" is what I would say if I weren't conditioned like an animal at such a long age. You are taught to obey, no matter how much you long to be free. Society is built around punishing you and scaring you into another robotic child.

    My dreams were crushed long ago. I'm left as the perfect citizen.

  • But maybe the should be.

    If you train a dog well, it will do exactly what you say without question as long as it understand your command. This is because dogs that are properly trained, know their place. Kids, on the other hand, are not as dedicated and tend to think they are somehow in charge. In a sense, they turn on their master. You know what happens when a dog turns on it's master? It gets put down.

  • Yes yes yes

    We are being treated like animals because we are given orders and get consequences when we are bad . So yes we are being treated like animals so this is my argument for this debate I think I have ended it so there's my problem thank you for reading goodbye.

  • No they are not.

    What an absurd question. Wild animals are treated as nuisance, domestic animals are often kept outside and eat from a bowl. Let's not forge that very few pet owners actually train their pets.

    Students aren't treated like house pets. Rather, house pets are treated like students. Somewhere way back in history, someone decided that animals may just have enough intelligence to be trained the same way children are trained, and thus, beasts of burden were utilized. Training animals has evolved over the years from simply having a donkey pull a wagon, to making lions jump through hoops. But training humans has always been around, and I have bad news for the whiners on the appropriately segregated left side: the training doesn't stop when you get out of school.

    There will always be a situation in which you are expected to obey and not question authority. There will always be situations in which you have to wake up early. There will always be situations in which you are punished for defending yourself. There will always be situations in which you are temporarily confined to an area, like...Your job for example... There will always be situations in which you will be held to a dress code of some sort. Any police raid that a student thinks they have wrongfully endured is nothing compared to the police raids, IRS seizures, and court summons that they will have to deal with as an adult.


    Stop whining.

  • We are free more in schools

    We are not slaves in the schools. Schools must be banned if these are found. But why aren't schools banned?? Because they don't treat students as slaves!! The teachers try to give as much freedom to the students, but it's the students who think they are not free. It's a student's nature to want to play more and be more free, always.
    Therefor, students are not being treated like animals in schools.

  • Get off my grass

    Whiny kids stay to the left. Adults who know that life has not even begun to spread your cheeks and destroy all of your disillusioned hopes and dreams by piling on unfair, and unreasonable responsibilities while you sacrifice countless hours and thousands of dollars on activities for the kids who think they have it rough, form a line to the right.

  • We are not slaves.

    I go to school and in no way are we treated like slaves. School gives kids lots of work but it is only because they care about us not because we are their slaves. Also, at school you make lots of friends and have a chance to be part of all the different clubs and after school activities.

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