• Students are definitely given way too much homework.

    Homework is very stressful, i am assigned a new assignment for each class nearly everyday. I have seven classes and I play soccer and on Wednesdays I got church after school. I wake up every morning at 6:00 am and school starts at 8:25am and ends at 3:35pm. Soccer practice starts at 4:00pm and ends at 6:00pm. After soccer practice I go home and do my chores which takes about 1-2 hours. I am in 10th grade and I have all honors classes which are significantly harder and we are assigned more homework with higher expectations and difficulty. Currently I have 3 essays to write that consist of several pages. I also have 2 packets of math homework to do and chemistry homework (pretty much just harder math with scientific components to consider), and homework for my electives. All of my homework on the average day takes about 3-5 hours.
    All of these things I do take up about 14-16 hours out of the day, not including when I go to church. Normally I go to sleep around midnight or 1 in the morning after finishing my homework. This leaves no time for friends, family, or just time for myself. Many students are extremely stressed and sleep deprived and this can cause serious health problems. Homework needs to be decreased. Teenagers should be allowed to be a teenager and have fun instead of stressing over homework throughout their youth.

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  • I do not like HW.

    Homework hurts much lungs and almost made me kill my dog. Also my teacher grades my hw and says 1 + 1 does not = fish and im like waht!
    Then I tell my parents and they talk with the administartoirs whcih cereates mor sterees and makees me avan mir unhoppy and then i get made and eat lots of pickels and get very hungry and then i get sick and die all because of hw. And that is why you do not give me hw because then i die and my parents sue you and you die due to no live conundrum and bye bye. I LVOE PACKLES

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  • I'm a middle school student and I hate homework

    Right now i'm writing a 5 paragraph essay and i'm only in 6th grade. In my Social Studies class I have to write a 10 paragraph essay over the weekend. I hardly have time to be a kid, like hang out with friends, meet boys, hang out with my brother before he gets to where he never wants to hang out with. Just the other day my brother asked if I wanted to play ball and I couldn't because of my homework. Looking into his sad eyes made me wanted to cry because this was the 10th time he asked to play with me.

  • I'm a freshman in high school and I find that sometimes homework can be far too excessive.

    I feel like a robot a lot of the time! Wake up, go to school, come home, do homework, eat, go to bed, repeat. It gets more difficult when I add in things like play rehearsals. As of right now, I have a big part in my school play, and I can't manage to get home at 3pm, do 1-3 worksheets, work on a massive project, study for any tests I have, take a nap, eat, and then go back to the school at 6pm for the play! Usually, something gets left out. I sometimes don't get enough time to eat until around 9:30. Yes, some homework is reasonable, like unfinished classwork, but specifically lengthy assignments on a daily basis are far too much for anyone to handle.

  • I completely agree!

    Even though I'm only in grade 8, I participate in my provincial and municipal youth orchestras and I teach kids at a local music program on Wednesdays. Homework, however, presents me with a problem. Currently, I have 4 projects to complete along with an English and Health assignment. This is already kind of a lot to deal with, but I also have to practice for my concerts (which are generally a big deal) and for music festivals, etc.
    I admit that I AM a procrastinator, but this is still a bit much for a mere 13-year-old!

  • Student Speaking: Our Lives Aren't Just School

    What most teachers don't realize is that not only are we doing 8-9 hours of learning at school, but we spend 2-3 hours doing homework. That's about a half of day of school work, leaving us barley anytime to be a kid and do sports or things outside of work. The weekdays aren't the only problems, teachers often assigned weekends homework thinking that it's two extra days to do work for school which is during Monday through Friday, NOT Saturday through Sunday. School hasn't even been in for that long and whenever I come home I'm way to exhausted to work and often find myself sleep-deprived. In conclusion, students nowadays are getting WAY to much homework.

  • Especially kids with after school activates who are trying not to get obese cant get there homework done. They need less homework or littler amounts.

    Especially kids with after school activates who are trying not to get obese cant get there homework done they need less or littler amounts so they can not get fat and participate with their social life and get friends. Also if I get assigned more than 30 problems I start getting worried I wont be able to get it done.

  • Where did the time go?

    First off, there are only 24 hours in a day. I wake up at 5:30, because the bus comes at 6:30. School is from 7:30 to 2:30, where you learn for seven hours straight. Plus, the school encourages you to join extra-curriculars, which are an hour. Then, they also encourage you to join out-of-school activities, which are 1-2 hours long. So far, 9-10 hours are already gone.
    Homework is often 4-5 hours, often an assignment in each class. This is not only me, but as well as my friends and other peers. Now, 13-15 hours of the day are gone.
    Then there's dinner with your family, as well as other chores in your house, which are another 2 hours. [15-17 hours]
    Sleep is important. Lack of sleep leads to a variety of health issues, and if you are only getting 5 hours or less, that's not good. My school district recently stopped selling candy and sweets and switched everything to whole-wheat, so we could be healthier and avoid illnesses like diabetes or obesity. Well, a lack of sleep also leads to obesity, as well as other health problems. If the school is so fixated on us becoming healthier, why don't we stop the homework overload?

  • No, students are not given to much homework.

    Homework teaches a student responsibility. It makes them realize that they have to do a task on their own or face consequences. This helps prepare them for the working world. It also keeps them busy at home and off of the streets and out of harms way. Kids need to be occupied.

  • No, to be honest.

    Some of the time it may feel like you have too much homework, but you just have to imagine the amount of time you spend procrastinating in order to realise that you don't have that much homework, you just don't have a lot of time to do it because you've been procrastinating a lot.

  • Not by my watch.

    I never had too much homework as a kid and, judging by the work my eleven year-old stepdaughter brings home, things haven't changed much since I was in school. I do not think that kids get too much homework; rather, I would like to see them given more, provided that parents are willing to sit down and help their kids.

  • No, with the way the current education system is, I do not believe kids in America are given too much homework.

    We, as Americans, like to be all arrogant, thinking we are the best. Well, we are not just born "the best". The ranking of the best goes to the people who make an effort to earn the title. As it is, our kids barely go to school 6-7 hours a day and quite a bit of that time is spent not focused on academics. With these hours and conditions, our kids need homework to keep up with the academic rigors of countries like China who will surpass us in greatness if we do not put aside our laziness (i.e. no homework). If kids went to school 9 hours a day, though, I would say that the homework being sent home now should be completed during those school hours.

  • No They Aren't

    Students are not given too much homework. Practice makes perfect and homework allows students to work on stuff outside the classroom and get more experience with whatever topic is being taught. Students are actually given the perfect amount of homework these days. Reducing the amount wouldn't be a good thing.

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