• I argue that students are growing dumber over the passing time. Especially, due to urbanization.

    Look at today's trends
    What does the fox say?
    Gagnam Style
    All popularized by children.
    Plus, look at today's schools. There is bullying, tormenting and dumb arguments. Children feel weird for things. They even feel stupid, please post your opinion. I look forward to hearing and understanding your thoughts and terms.

  • Educational Institutions Are Government Funding Addicted, Not focused On Education

    Alignment with Governmental guidelines is socialist driven, not concerned with educating for the market place. Universities and any other educational institution which allows itself to become a mouth piece for the prevailing influence in government, which has it's own survival needs infused with the educational curriculum for the purpose of producing a generation predisposed in that political entity's favor. Education serves the governmental entity and not the individuals preparation to participate in the free marketplace. Bottom Line: Students are another-brick-in-the- wall, Pink Floyd educated.

  • I agree, students are growing dumber.

    There is less chances for them to think. By think I mean really think, critically. They don't take their studying seriously. As in my country, I realize that students' reading is worsening. There is more cheating in exams. I feel like education is messed up. In short, students need to make their minds work!

  • I could tell you a few stories.

    Sure, the world has discovered more about maths and science since your parents were at school, but the students don't know any of that. One of my teachers put a picture of Einstein on the wall, and of the girls in my class (I'm not even joking) screamed "Einstein! He's the guy who invented Frankenstein!" I laughed when the teacher put her head in her hands and mumbled "Intelligence is dead."

  • There's a lot more

    Than what's on the surface to why students are becoming less and less educated these days. Not only is it the school systems/teachers etc.... But it's the simple fact that kids 'study' to take the test, not to learn the material. Nothing is retained. We focus so hard on good grades on all these different types of tests and teaching techniques and all these other differences that make learning, completely unappealing. Although students could also work harder to achieving better goals, I believe majority of the problem stems from a lack of wanting better for the students knowledge, instead of wanting better grades from them.

  • Because they are

    Every one is being treated the same. No one is told they needto pick up the slack if they fail at somthing any more they just get to try again and that basicaly makes every one a special little intelegent person so in conclusion if everyones special no one is.

  • I will say no.

    Students are not simply getting dumber. The reason for this is called laziness. Plus to add students are learning every day with events that might occur to them in the future. But there is some that might not learn about this, but isn't the point. Some students are just lazy and just don't know how useful work is.

  • Students Are Not Less Intelligent

    Students are growing up in a world where increasing pressure is put on them to perform well. Due to this, many kids become discouraged in school and "shut down." They still have a potential to become educated, productive members of society, but in order to do so, our society must widen the definition of "success" to more than purely academic (ex. Mathematics, sciences, literature).

  • Students are possibly more apathetic; however apathy has nothing do with intelligence.

    I think that the topic is phrased incorrectly. I don't think that the intelligence of students is decreasing, which is what the term "dumber" would seem to imply. However, the work ethic and of today's students may well be declining. If one equates apathy with a lack of social intelligence, then it might be possible to see the connection.

  • Why is this a question?

    I have no idea why anyone would ever think that his is anywhere remotely factual. I would put every religion in existence as being more logically valid.

    I participated in the USAD national championships whereby we had to do 35 pre-calculus/algebra questions in 30 minutes, answer 50 question tests about the history, art, literature, and music about Russia, and even try to answer question about the four aforesaid topics in a relay. People were getting 8,000/10,000, and the highest score, which was from two years ago, was 9,400/10,000. A children my age have made nuclear reactors in their parents garages and made video games that challenge old professionally made games.

    Children are also becoming more socially intelligent by being open-minded to different minority groups in our country, and listening to reason instead of religion.

    Children are only getting smarter, not dumber.

  • No, but they are failing the schools and society at an increasing rate because it is so unpopular to hold individuals accountable for their choices.

    I began teaching almost twenty years ago, before the internet had almost completely replaced libraries. My observations of students and schools in California, Texas, and South Carolina indicate the following:
    -Students are not growing dumber, just more passive and lazier.
    -Immigrants from places that suck consistently work harder than students born and raised in the US.
    -Teachers still have no magic method of instilling skills or understanding in students who are passive and lazy.
    -Computer technology does not improve student mastery of any curriculum other than the computer technology curriculum.
    -Standardized testing neither improves nor damages the quality of public education. It just increases the cost.
    -Were standardized testing used to determine whether students pass to the next grade according to reasonably high standards, testing could improve education.
    -Students who have not bothered to master anything are passed to the next grade at the same rates as students who work hard to develop the necessary skills and understanding to merit passing to the next grade.
    All of this is because the adults who run schools, school districts, local, state, and federal governments are increasingly weaker and unwilling to hold individuals accountable for their choices. Tenth graders with third grade reading levels is part of the same problem as kids growing up on welfare with a perennially increasing number of siblings. What is so hard about telling people they have to WORK on solving THEIR OWN problems, and they have to ACTUALLY MEET the standards that are already in place, otherwise they don't get to move on.
    "How can you have any pudding if you don't eat your meat?"

  • Not dumber. Less educated maybe.

    Simply put, students may be less educaated than they used to be but until someone devises a foolproof way of measuring intelligence then it is impossible to state that students are getting dumber. I would also contest that there are simply more students rather than fewqer intelligent ones as education becomes more widely available.

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