• As soon as i arrived in college i realized primary school was a joke

    A single college level math class will cover 4 years of high school math in a single semester, papers, quizes, assignments, textbooks every damn week. A.) the primary school curriculum is a joke B.) you dont need to learn anything to get an A. Contrary to college. I was not prepared for college, ill tell you that. Those kids need to be challanged they would thank you later.

  • Not enough knowledge

    Kids these days are more on computers. We need to make school work harder and morer. Like 3 pages of homework not like 1 side. We all need more knowledge becuase theses days kids are more likly to fall out of school to make the teachers 10x stricter and 3x more homework

  • We need to prepare students for college or a job

    If students failing classes due to boring classes with not enough excitement, then they do not deserve to pass. If you don't do any work, which if you are not stupid, then that must be the problem, then you don't deserve to pass the class. If you are not willing to deal with a boring teacher and put any work into the class, they you are going to fail and you deserve it. In elementary and middle school, it is the teacher's job to get students excited about learning. However, high school is in preparation for either college or a job. In a job, the work is not going to be spoon fed to you. It is going to be boring, and you are still going to have to do it. In college, you are paying to be there. Those teachers don't care if you are learning because if you aren't, there are thousands of other kids that would jump at a chance to have your spot at that school. If you fail, it is your own money down the drain, not theirs. People failing in high school are not trying, and don't deserve to pass the classes, and our high schools are teaching us just fine.

  • I don't think we are

    They are not, the majority of student (high school) fail at least 2 courses in throughout high school. This is due to boring classes with not enough excitement. The educational boards should think of different ways to teach students. They're 3 types of learners; auditory, visual and Kinesthetic, i myself am a Kinesthetic, the only thing i can really remember is gym. Teachers should take into consideration of other types of learners and how they learn to maximize effectiveness. I've failed 4 classes so far, don't say i'm stupid because i'm clearly not.

  • I like cake

    I like cake because it makes me happy inside. Like who doesn't like cake? I know who, people that don't like cake. MIND BLOWN am i right? Anyway getting to the topic. I think schools aren't being challenged enough. I know this because I've been in school for 16 years now. How to make it better? Add Cake.

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