• Almost by definition

    Maybe not consumers, necessarily, in the sense that they love buying things and require new things constantly that they don't need or really think is necessary. Instead, student are consumers in the sense that they are inherently receptive to the things and information that aregiven to them from their teachers.

  • Students are absolutely consumers.

    Yes, students are a consumer group with special needs. They purchase expensive textbook and software for school. There is also an entire shopping season devoted to students in the Fall, back to school shopping. During that time, school supplies, as well as dorm essentials are featured. For those reasons, students are most certainly consumers.

  • Students are consumers by their very nature

    The education system, particularly the higher education system, that we have established in the United States has created a very specific sort of consumer. Students -- that is, individuals who have incorporated themselves into the education system -- are necessarily consumers due to the excessive spending that is expected of them, whether it be for books, accessories, or anything else endemic in the education system. Let it not be forgotten that education is a business, and for a business to thrive, it must have consumers.

  • They have needs.

    Yes, students are necessarily consumers, because there are some things that they consume and some things they cannot consume. Students probably consume less than a person that is working, but students need to eat, they need to wear clothes, and they have medical and emotional needs. Students consume in a variety of ways, including education.

  • No, students are not consumers.

    No, students are not consumers. College is a place for students to prepare for the work place and employers do not treat their employees like consumers. Consumers are always right in the world of business and to have students thinking that they are always right will do them no good when entering the workforce.

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