• Millenials are devoid of all religious values

    Millenials were raised by boomers, who themselves shrugged off the values they were raised with, often saying " We'll let them decide for themselves when they're old enough". Problem with that is most boomers never followed through with that, and most millenials prefer to categorize themselves now as "spiritual" and are more into pagan new age practices, rather than following any sort of judeo-christian values to use as a moral compass, which is why so many are self centered, and have no compunction about backstabbing others to get ahead, after all they're "owed".

  • I really believe that students today are completely devoid of values.

    I really believe that students today are completely devoid
    of values. Ever since they took prayer out
    of schools, everything has gone downhill.
    Also, things were better when teachers had the authority to discipline
    students. Now students have very little
    respect for authority. Students nowadays
    won’t hesitate to cheat on an assignment or curse at a teacher.

  • The question is meaningless

    What do you mean by "values"? If you mean religious values, then certainly there are fewer people holding religious values today than say 50 years ago. Do you think society was better back in the good old days? If you do, then you probably aren't black, or gay, or female - or atheist for that matter. My sense is that the typical student of today is much more open-minded than those of previous generations, while having a well-justified low opinion or organised religion and political parties.

  • Not completely

    There are plenty of students who have no respect or values instilled in them. There are also just as many students who were raised to respect other people and to hold onto their values throughout life. You can usually tell as soon as you meet a student if it is one or the other.

    Posted by: jus
  • Selfish but not devoid of values

    Students I believe have become selfish but not devoid of values. If they seem devoid, then we must look upon ourselves as parents. Values are learned. Good or bad, all values are instilled by our parents. We go to the grocery store and eat a banana, our children learn it is ok to steal. If we take that banana and show our child that we pay for what we want. A husband or wife who cheats, show that child it is ok to be cavalier about relationships.

  • No Values Are Inherent To Being Human

    Everyone has values except arguably if you are unconscious or catatonic. When you eat then it is because you value satisfying your hunger and/or you value staying alive. I think who ever asked this question was trying to get at something else entirely and should properly rethink their question format.

  • No, you cannot paint a broad statement for all students.

    Values are changing with the times. What some people may consider as values, not too long ago, may be considered outdated today. It is wrong to paint such a broad statement among all students, especially with how rapid the times are changing. There may be a set of students that are just bad, but that's not true of everyone.

    Posted by: TickoNest
  • No, students of today are not completely devoid of values, because it is merely just a difference in mentality.

    I've been in college for the better part of twenty years and, somehow, while the students are not completely devoid of values, they are different. They care less about their environment, beliefs, and their opinions. Life is a routine day-to-day focus, with little ability to look up and outside of themselves at what the world is, or is becoming.

    Posted by: SuccinctDerek96

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Diqiucun_Cunmin says2014-05-09T17:53:43.527
Wrong values (like hedonism and egocentrism) are still values...