• Yes successful people are lucky

    Luck is the important part of your success. If hard work is everything than we don't want luck. But this wrong because even a labourer works hard everyday if only hard work matters than only labourer are the rich people on earth but if a person has believe in his\her luck than he\she can get success luck and hard work are related to each other but to get success along with hard work luck is also very important.

  • Luck + Hard work = Success

    People, who believe purely in luck or hard work, are those who have not dealt the actual realities in life. I won’t say that they have not faced difficulties in life but they did not face situations which are not in their control. I have seen many people working very hard, but not getting success. A guy who studies for 3 to 4 attempts of exams (each attempt has a gap of 6 months) is expected to have knowledge of the subject but still he fails. Reason his luck does not shake hand. Or a guy is failed by ONLY 1 MARK to lose his 6 months of life for next attempt. This is a common scene for guys appearing in CA exams. This is not to be blamed on anyone but purely on luckI want to put it simple, in Life both Luck and Hard work are equally important. People differ in ideas about this with their supportive causes and i respect them, but my opinion goes “50% for Luck + 50% for hard work = 100% Life”
    ##A Post By Swapnil Chauhan , a Student of VTrain Academy (B 10, Main Road , Shalimar Village,Delhi 88) where Spoken English , Advance English , Handwriting Improvement , Personality Development and Interview Preparation is Done.##

  • Sure they are.

    Look at the music and film industries. There are plenty of people just as talented or just as beautiful. The difference is exposure and opportunity. Would-be pop stars may never get heard or seen by the right person. Eminem might still be a battle mc if Dr Dre hadn't heard him on the radio one day. Sure Eminem did his part but how do you explain what followed? No amount of dedication will guarantee the right opportunity.

  • That is a large part of it.

    Successful people aren't just lucky, but luck plays a huge role in success. Most people who are successful actually do get a lot of help from parents, family and their community along the way. I very much consider being born into wealth or having parents who can assist you lucky.

  • Yes, successful people have luck on their side.

    Everyone says successful people just work harder than other people. I personally believe that even though they work hard, it takes a good amount of sheer luck to be successful. It doesn't matter how hard you work. If you aren't in the right place at the right time, success will not smile down upon you.

  • No one is lucky

    Success is not luck it's hard Work that is done by you or someone if you work hard and set your aim to achieve than no one can stop you to reach to your aim or goal of your life. You become and feel like lucky after reaching to your aim because you work hard.

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  • "Luck" is compromised of many factors which are the result of complex 'Cause and Effect' relationships that occur within a time frame.

    Defining luck should be the primary goal of this debate as "Luck" can be attributed to anyone that is successful. If you think of luck as an independent factor out of all the other factors that affect a persons life and decisions, then its wrong and fallacious to think so.

  • No,it's sheer determination and hard work that leads to success

    The secret behind success is taking an initiative and vigorously pursuing an aim through a journey of endless hard work,astir nights and days.Successful people have a positive drive to achieve their aim.Success doesn't just fall from the sky so the lucky person under it can catch it in a basket.No success comes from your hard work,ceaseless effort and that yearning to accomplish something,A wise person once said "Fate might not be in our hands but will determination is.

  • Some Are, Some Aren't

    I do not believe all successful people are just lucky, but I imagine there are just as many that are lucky as compare to hard working. One thing is for certain, people in America are not given the fair chance some people seem to think they are. If you are born into poverty, you will more than likely remain there.

  • Success takes more than luck - but luck is a factor.

    Successful people tend to come from successful backgrounds - they are rarely self-made. Moreover, it is largely luck that allows people to become successful. However, saying that their success is 'just' luck is trivializing the huge amount of work it takes to become successful - from education to business. People are unlikely to become successful without luck - but luck doesn't make success.

  • No, succressful people aren't just lucky.

    With everyday connection to the rest of the world, success is just a stepping stone or many away for an individual. There is always a little bit of luck involved with certain things, but hard work for what you're trying to achieve is what will lead most to a successful career and life.

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