• No it is not

    I think the word epidemic is used too much, and is not valid for this comparison. Yes, thhere are more and more suicide bombings occuring every day, or at least we think there is. The truth is, we will never be able to stop people strapping explosives to their chests and killing themselves along with others. But the social media makes us believe that it happens more often than it does.

  • Yes, I think so.

    Globally, the use of suicide bombings as a tactic is on the rise. The rising use of the suicide bomber by non-State actors should concern us all. What is most notable, too, is that civilians have overwhelming borne the brunt of harm caused by suicide bombers. It also appears that suicide attacks are disproportionately affecting civilians living in non-conflict zones.

  • They are everywhere.

    Yes, suicide bombers are an epidemic, because they are hard to stop. It's so easy for a person that wants to hurt others to do it by being a suicide bomber. All they have to do is go to any place they choose and hurt others. Because it is so hard to stop, it's sadly common.

  • No, suicide bombers are not an epidemic in general

    No, suicide bombers are not an epidemic in general although they are somewhat of an epidemic in some parts of the world. Mass shooters is what is becoming an epidemic in the United States and is what people need to worry about here because this country has very few suicide bombers.

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