• Yes; There are some exceptions, but mostly yes

    Suicide is not a joking matter. Yeah a couple guys could be goofing off and one or the other might say something like, "man, if *blank* happens, I'm gunna kill myself." This could be really funny in the heat of the moment, but, depending on the crowd, it could be really painful. The statistics of teenagers having suicidal are sky-rocketing, and if you've ever talked with someone considering suicide, you'll know just how serious of an issue it is. There are some instances where it would be "ok" to joke around... For example, you could maybe joke around with somebody considering suicide in an attempt to lift their spirits. Ultimately, however, things like suicide, such as murder, suffering, and basically death in general, are no joking matter.

  • Perspective of someone who has had suicidal thoughts

    Sometimes the comments cut a bit deep. I'm used to the constant "kys" and "I wanna die" jokes/comments but they still make me hurt. It makes you feel like you can't talk about it with online friends because when I try to reach out to someone they reply things like "same". People should think about what others are going through, they don't know how much it can hurt someone. Even a simple comment. It really hurts.

    For perspective I am 20 years old and have just came off of antidepressants.

  • Suicide is no joke.

    Honestly it's a very sad topic considering the fact that many human beings just like you and me kill themselves because of family struggles, bullies, or because they feel like they aren't good enough. I believe that since I've gone through this it isn't funny to me but I guess others enjoy dark humor.

  • I think they're Perfectly acceptable

    Suicide jokes can be funnny at times . But then again doesn't it just really come down to the persons sense of humor. Some people like dark humor others don't it all comes down to preference. There are some people who go to far with I'll say that but then again I'm basically neutral on this topic so yea

  • Suicide is forgotten and joked about daily

    I heard a kid say cut horizontally for attention and cut vertically for results and the other kids laughed at it. Everybody is so caught up in their own world they hurt others trying to be someone they aren't. When someone cuts others joke and say,"omg your so Emo get help". That's when it crosses a line

  • Anything related to suicide is not funny.

    I have two acquaintances who make jokes about suicide, I tried to confront them today by kindly asking them to not joke about it, because suicide isn't a funny topic. These two people (twins) are very defensive, therefore claiming that I am being sensitive and that people have different senses of humor. I understand that, but the majority of the people that participate in the group chat are not okay with these sorts of jokes and I tried to inform them of that. Unfortunately, they are also very, very stubborn, and refuse to view any other perspective besides their own. I told them about my own suicidal thoughts, and they did not care. They only told me to talk to someone about it, basically, not their problem. I also understand that, but when there are at least two other people, besides myself in that group chat, who are having suicidal thoughts, they need to reconsider the types of jokes that they make, because they might end up losing friends, not only by having the others decide that they are too negative to be around, but also by having members of the group chat die, which would be very tragic. I don't think they would truly understand when to stop until they experience some sort of grievance towards anything related to suicide. I did not want to "pick a fight at them" I just wanted them to respect everyone else in the group chat by hindering the amount of suicidal jokes that they make.

  • "Jokes are meant to be funny!" but suicide isn't funny

    The whole argument that "jokes aren't meant to be taken seriously!" is ridiculous. Maybe the people that make these arguments haven't personally dealt with suicide or other heavy issues, but bottom line: telling someone to kill themselves is never funny. Even if the other person says they're "ok with it". It's absolutely devastating for me and a lot of my friends, who have struggled personally with suicide, to hear someone say that as a joke. It isn't funny. And if you think it's funny, you need more original material.

  • Suicide Joke are not ok

    Suicid jokes are not ok. I am in art and everyone at ny table sings this song "kill yourself" and everday one is saying things like "oh im suicidal so its ok to sing it" or "I try to kill myself everyday just for the fun of it" and it is not ok while everyone is laughing and joking I am sitting there saying in my head "dude this is not ok I need to do something but what?" So if someone is joking about suicide tell them to stop and that is is not ok

  • YES it is going OVERBOARD

    I, who is having trouble at school because of my suicidal thoughts is trying to fing ways for me to survive, looks at the comment section when the video is over and sees people making fun of INOCCENT people suffering pain and depression because of this hard time.Saying rude and hurtful things!!! People need to REALIZE it is NOT funny and it is NOT a JOKE EVER!!!

  • It's completely sad

    I, as a suicide survivor and is now living a much better life, finds this all completely wrong, why would anyone say such a powerful phrase. If you make the joke around people, you have no idea about what they are going through, you don't know whether they are suicidal or depressed or anything that could affect their reaction to what you say. I understand when people say that a joke can help lift a "depressing" topic. But you need to watch who you're saying it to. I find it sad that people don't actually talk about the complexity of suicide or even just suicide itself seriously more than people talking about it in a joking matter. I hope people open up about it more, its truly not funny, and you don't know what's going on in others lives, which could make them even more suicidal or depressed if someone close to them tells them to "go kill yourself" for accidentally spilling their drink or something else that's stupid.

  • They are perfectly acceptable.

    They are hilarious. But there is a fine line that should be drawn when jokes start to become insulting. Those telling the jokes should also be careful that they are not around unstable people. If you are normal and you get butthurt by hearing a suicide joke, you might as well go jump off a cliff.

  • Suicide jokes are not going to far they are just a joke

    Jokes by their definition are not meant to be taken seriously. When someone tells a suicide joke they are not telling people to commit suicide instead they are just trying to play around and have fun. If joking about suicide can make someone happy and they are not doing any real damage by telling the joke it shouldn't matter. It is not like someone is going to hear the joke and suddenly decide to commit suicide.

  • I don't think so

    The human function of laughing occurs when something unexpected happens. Before suicide jokes became funny, nobody would joke about it because it was considered going too far. Because of this, nobody expects someone to whip out a suicide joke, and that is why they are funny. As they become more and more overused they will become less funny and we will need something else to feed off of.

  • Suicide jokes are not going overboard.

    Jokes exist in order to take sad situations and make them better. This is why we laugh at racist jokes and holocaust jokes. Also, it is widely thought that all jokes come from misery in one form or another therefore, the misery that comes from suicide is a way for us as human beings to well, laugh. The censorship of suicide jokes would be comparable to the censorship of freedom of speech as a whole.

  • They act as a coping mechanism

    Suicide jokes or dark humour in general, For many, Is a way to cope with their situation. Being able to laugh at something you're struggling with can lighten the situation and make it seem less dire, Which often is important for people struggling with mental health. Making jokes can also help diffuse the stigma around such a taboo topic.

  • It depends on the context, But they are fine.

    Sometimes, The best way to cope with life's dark moments is to make light of the darkness. If someone is genuinely about to attempt suicide, Or you don't know if they are, It might not be the best place to crack such a joke. However, Among friends and family who you know will appreciate the dark humor, I can't see a logical reason to not tell suicide jokes. I mean, It's not like you're offending anyone. If you personally don't like the jokes, And they make you uncomfortable, Tell your friends. If they are good friends, They should stop. Otherwise, It is sort of like going nude: perfectly appropriate at a nude beach, But not in an office setting. Simply because you do not find something funny does not mean you get to restrict other people's right to laugh at it. They make laugh all they want until it hurts somebody, And as long as they crack the jokes responsibly, They shouldn't hurt anyone. The right to swing your fist ends where the other person's nose begins.
    Before you crack a suicide joke, Just check to make sure you aren't metaphorically smashing any metaphorical noses.

  • No, it's really not bad

    Suicide jokes aren't going over board. I personally have suicide, and I joke about it too. Suicide jokes aren't a big problem, since they cause no harm. The joke actually make me laugh and keep me alive. Yes, suicide is a bad thing, but jokes about it are fine and should stay

  • They are just jokes

    First off i dont think a joke can ever go to far as long as the are jokes. Also the point of humor is so humans can better deal with negative things making them not seem so bad anymore. Finally, I used to be depressed with suicidal thoughts and looking at suicide memes was how I was able to laugh it off.

  • Suicide jokes can help relieve anxiety, depression, and pain in life.

    Telling suicide jokes has helped me personally grapple with suicidal tendencies and thoughts in a semi-healthy way. Admitting that one has a problem is the first step toward addressing it, and suicide jokes can be an indispensable part of this process. Plus, they can truly be funny, albeit in a dark way.

  • They are completely fine.

    I've had clinically diagnosed depression for over 6 years now and I have had lots of suicidal thoughts and even a few attempts and I can say with 100% confidence that they are completely okay. I often joke about it myself because it's a way I can cope with the feelings. It makes me feel better. People need to stop being so offended by things that are obviously JOKES! Obviously there are a time and place for these jokes, but still. Anything can be joked about as long as it's a JOKE.

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