• Pretty much anything is a bigger threat than terrorism

    Car accidents mete more victims than terrorism. So does the routine prescription and use of approved medications. Super bugs fall somewhere in between those two.

    If you actually look at the statistics, terrorism causes comparatively very few victims. The misguided "war" on terrorism the world is engaged in, is causing more victims than terrorism ever caused.

  • Superbugs are very dangerous because they can't be seen.

    Superbugs have the potential to cause a lot of serious problems for people in this country. When the top medical experts have trouble coming up with a remedy for highly contagious diseases, then there is a significant risk to the population. People can look out for terrorists. Most diseases are invisible.

  • Yes, they are.

    Terrorists and superbugs have some things in common, like they strike unexpectedly, but superbugs are impervious to control or eradication. We have methods of detection and weapons to deal with terrorist members, but we currently do not have any weapons in the way of medications that will kill these superbugs. If a superbug strain were contagious it could rapidly spread through a population and cause much more many deaths than a terrorist attack.

  • Terrorism is 21st century communism.

    That is to say, the whole terrorism thing has been vastly exaggerated and people have been thrown into a frenzy over something that is bad, but not nearly as dangerous as we have been given the idea.

    Terrorism is sort of like Communism in the 50s. It is a genuine threat, but it is not nearly as much of a threat as people are made to think.

    These diseases, on the other hand, are evolving at rates that are out of control, and even our last resort drugs are not working. It really is rapidly getting as bad as it can get.

  • No, Nuclear Armed Terrorist Are A Worse Threat

    There are germs that are becoming more and more resistant due to people overdoing it with antibiotics. Runaway science is always much more of a frightening prospect. However, all one needs is one crazy terrorist with a nuclear bomb. Plus, nuclear proliferation is getting worse with states like Pakistan and North Korea. So, Terrorists would have to be the bigger threat.

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