• Inspiring and a distraction for many

    For many, Superhero movies can be a distraction from there life and society. It may give them strength or help them feel better. For whatever reason superheroes and their movies are loved and enjoyed by all, This also includes children. They are quite easily inspired by these characters and their adventures and hopefully showing them how it feels to be a hero.
    It makes people feel happy.

  • If we look up to superheroes, someday we might all be superheroes.

    Superheroes are needed in society because they inspire people to be a better person, to help others and to do the heroic thing. Yes, they are fiction but they give people someone to look up to and someone to aspire to be. Sure, not all superheroes are good and some are not the ‘ideal’ person. But they do heroic things and the entertainment industry turns ordinary people into role models which can change a whole society. Because once someone (or many people) has/have someone they want to be or someone they look up to, society will be taking a step forwards.

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  • Role models help us

    As a huge superhero fan I would like to be unbiased for this. Therefore I say that they are needed because they give people something to reach towards and improve themselves. Everyday when I go to school, I pick a superhero that I will be for the day, and I pretend like I am them and it really improves my day. Also, in movies, people can see how the superheroes do it in live action, not just in books.

  • Everyone needs something to think about.

    Even though we all know that superheroes aren't real, it's fun to have something to think about other than the daily monotony of life. It's fun to be able to look at something, like a spider, and see more than an annoying pest or a creature necessary to the food chain. We can look at a spider and remember that movie we watched; remember Peter Parker and Mary-Jane (or Gwen Stacy). It's a lot more fun than looking at a spider and simply seeing another bug to step on. Or we can see an American flag, and rather than simply ignoring it as an item of the everyday, we can think of that movie we saw, about Steve Rogers and his story, and even about the other guys. The normal guys fighting right alongside him. The ones who died. We're reminded by a movie what our flag stands for. And, taking a more practical standpoint, it provides employment for millions of people. Think of it; the actors and actresses in the movie, the enormous production staff, the suppliers and their employees (they provide the food, supplies for props, etc.), the workers at theaters countrywide, the workers at stores where the movies are sold, and many, many more. They improve the overall economy in this way, as well as being enjoyable to watch.

  • Yes, as long as that is the entertainment in demand

    Entertainment is driven by demand, which may be driven by the current state of the world. People may want superhero movies more when they really feel like they need rescuing because times are bad. But ultimately, only the demand is what should matter and not the reasoning behind it. As long as superhero movies will sell, then that's what studios will produce.

  • The question is irrelevent.

    On a fundamental level, almost nothing is needed. However, superhero films, like many other things serve a function. Unlike other action films they present the story and characters in a way that conveys an ethical message. Superheroes encourage us to try to improve ourselves and be the best that we can be. People who see them as just action films are missing the biggest part.

  • Why should we?

    Why should kids be inspired by something they can never be? If you dream of being a hero and jump around the house with a blanket cape what happens when heroes are discovered fake? Disappointment. Crushed dreams. Sadness. Is this how we want our youth to feel? We do not need heroes to ruin children's behaviors.

  • No, superhero movies are not needed.

    Although superhero movies are nice and entertaining, they are not necessary for the functioning of the world. If superhero movies did not exist, the world would not implode. No kind of movie needs to exist. In fact, movies in general do not need to exist. There are other forms of art and entertainment that can express the same messages as movies do. So no, superhero movies are not needed.

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