• Are you kidding?

    I've seen too many movies where the poor slob with super powers is Shanghaied by some secret government organization. They threaten his friends and family, if he doesn't cooperate. They do all kind of experiments and tests on him. They try to get him to use his powers for their own evil ends. So, no. I wouldn't tell a soul.

  • Only tell people you can trust

    Hypothetically, if someone acquired mystical abilities, a low profile is almost mandatory. If there are some people you completely trust, I suppose you might be safe with letting them in on the secret. People have said that with great power comes great responsibility, and in the case of supernatural powers, there is a dilemma. How can you use your powers for altruistic reasons without drawing attention to yourself?

  • You could win $1,000,000.

    Hypothetically, if I had supernatural powers, I would call the James Randi Educational Foundation and apply to have my powers tested. If my powers were genuinely supernatural, I would be able to demonstrate this, and having proven conclusively that I can do things for which there is no natural explanation, I would go home one million dollars richer.

  • I would use them to benefit myself and family/friends, as well as others around me.

    While I could theoretically do these things while keeping my hypothetical powers a secret, I would most certainly share this secret with my wife and family. I would not flaunt my abilities, but I would not be afraid to demonstrate them if need be. The way I see it is that if I had this natural gift, then I would be entitled to use it. I would make this world a better place. While I would rather have some measure of privacy, I would not shy from attention if it were for the sake of the greater good.

  • No they shouldnt be kept secret

    If there were supernatural powers then who ever has them should use them to help people and it shouldnt be a secret. The problem i have with the existence of god is that if god is all powerful all knowing etc. then we could have only ended up like we ended up on earth if thats what he wanted. I know the story of the tree of knowledge and everything and i dont think thats a good explanation for how evil originated on earth. I cant believe that a perfect god would put the fate of humanity in the hands of two people making everybody suffer for two peoples mistakes. So i say if there were powers they should be keeping us safe and doing some good like making sure innocent people dont go to prison and making sure evil people go. If there was a good god and endless power then we should see it working in our lives

  • 'Secrets have a cost' Aunt may

    You should at least show people you're close with. To let them know you can do this type of thing. There's lots of people who can do amazing things like survive the cold or lift cars. You might not want to show the whole world what you can do but you should show it to friends so that you can develop those powers.

  • They don't exist, but...

    ... If they did, then it would be worthwhile to show them to the world so that the world could benefit from their powers and so that we could figure out why and how they work and potentially give them to others.

    Besides, it would be pretty damn awesome! :D

  • I wouldn't flaunt them, though

    If I had supernatural powers, I wouldn't keep them a secret. However, I wouldn't use them for trivial stuff like if I wanted to cook dinner. I would generally use them to return shopping carts (to avoid people denting their cars) and for emergencies (Such as stopping a bank robbery). However, I would probably be returning shopping carts more often than defending myself or others.

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