Are supervised injection centers for drug addicts practical?

Asked by: Marsroverr
  • Yes, they are practical.

    Injection centers for drug addicts can help to remove some of the risks involved with intravenous drug abuse. For example, if a drug addict has a clean needle for each injection they are far less likely to contract a blood borne disease, such as HIV. Further, if something were to go wrong, the addict is less likely to bleed out on the floor. Medical help can be summoned far more quickly when others are around.

  • supervised injection would be safe for addicts

    I think supervised injection for drug addict would be practical because it provide a safe medical source for addicts. Under supervision of medical, patient can assure that they are giving a right amount of dosage that they need to recover. Also medical supervision would know exactly how to apply the medicine and injection. And in the case of drug addicts it would be neccesery for proper treatment for the addicts to stop their addictions.

  • No, the centers would do more harm than good.

    People have a hard time trying to get off of heroin. With centers such as this, the promotion of drug use would increase. People would find it more acceptable to continue use. Even worse, may not even make a choice to stop using. Instead of going to a using center, people should be more focused on going to a treatment center. I agree that, maybe fewer people would die from injection drug use, but the real issues is finding a way to prevent use and lower the prevalence. Additionally, medical professional who are in recovery for addiction, may struggle to work in this type of work environment. Finding medical professionals who would actually help people abuse and be dependent on drugs would be a challenge.

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