Are surveillance/body cameras a positive attribute for police officers and the public?

  • They need to be monitored at all times

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  • For both our protection

    It is difficult after a police and citizen interaction how to separate out the truth. People tend to believe the police so civilians are abused and mistreated with no repercussions for cops. However people also make false accusations against the police and public opinion sways. Body cameras at least help with this.

  • Yes, cameras are saving lives and telling the real story

    Surveillance and body cameras are for both the police officer's protection and the public at large. We act differently when we know others are watching. There is a sense of accountability for our actions, at least for most of us. For those who are unprofessional, power hungry and/or out to cause destruction, there is view through a lens that can tell everyone exactly what happened. This helps both sides, whether it is a rogue police officer or an individual who is committing a crime.

  • Yes , they are needed

    We definitely need police officers to wear body cameras. This not only benefits the police officers, but it also benefits the public. Police officers need to be held more accountable and this is one way to do so. It will enable the public to understand if an officer acted and behaved correctly.

  • Any camera monitoring police is good for public

    Body cameras on police officers are a good thing for the public, but only if the public is privy to the unedited version of the videos taken. With all the wrongful shootings and bad judgments lately on behalf of police officers, any cameras monitoring them and what they see is a positive. Even if it makes a police officer think twice before shooting that would be a success in my opinion.

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