Are sweatshops actually beneficial for millions of the desperately poor?

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    Okay ok, i understand for the desperately poor any source of income SEEMS to be the best option but,(and don't get me wrong I like that this question is about something that matters) you're asking the wrong question, we need to talk about WHY there are any sweatshops in the first place, why are there people who are so desperate to support a family or themselves that they have no other choice but to subject them selves to torture, and abuse, and slavery, just to almost barely keep them alive.

  • For some people, it is either a sweatshop job, or they starve.

    There is a good argument that sweatshops can actually be beneficial for some. There is this fantasy that people who work in sweatshops would otherwise somehow be in higher paying jobs, or education. This is not the reality in some 3rd world countries. People either work or starve on the streets. For people who are uneducated and unable to find a better job, a sweatshop at least gives them enough money to survive.

  • They are beneficial.

    Sweatshops may be morally wrong. That is the nature of man and this wicked world. However with no other options. Some form of income is better than nothing. They should pay more but I know the greedy stockholders need their profits too. Mturk is a sweatshop and I'll take what I can get and am happy for it.

  • Sweatshops are actually beneficial for millions of the desperately poor.

    Sweatshops are actually beneficial for millions of the desperately poor. This is because so many people need the work where they live is it not right yes but for these people who are in desperate need of money to feed their families it is all that they have or know.

  • No They Aren't

    I do not believe it is okay to justify sweatshops by simply thinking they are beneficial for millions of desperately poor people. No one really wants to work for free and having work that doesn't pay enough is simply a psychological strain on the person doing the work. You can't justify slave wages.

  • They don't help anyone.

    They are not beneficial to anyone. The desperately poor are not helped by being locked into factories for hours or days on end. They end up working for a few scraps of pay that leave them no better off than they were before. And that's assuming the factory owners actually pay them as promised, many do not.

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