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  • Swim goggles protect

    Swimming goggles are very important in regards to swimming. It's not fair to swimmers in synchronized swimming because they can't wear them, but that's another topic for later, point is, it is essential to wear goggles to protect your eyes from chlorine, chemicals, bacteria, and other germs in the water someone might swim in.

  • Swimmers still wear them

    Goggles effectively protect swimmer's eyes from chlorine or saline, and they have corrective lenses for those who can't see without their glasses. Some people have trouble with getting water in their eyes. Swim goggles may not be necessary for some triathletes, but I don't think they'll be obsolete quite yet.

  • No swim goggles is relevant and useful

    Yes, we really need goggles. The human eye was not designed to work in an aquatic environment, so when we open our eyes whilst submerged in water our vision is blurred. If one read some of my previous technique focused articles, then one knows in order to have the most effective stroke, with the least drag coefficient, ones head position is crucial, and that means ones face will be in the water, and that means so are ones eyes. Wearing goggles will ensure perfect vision during ones whole swim, without constantly having to readjust ones focus, not to mention the chemical irritation from whatever product the pool is treated with. So this is me being assertive now - one NEED goggles,

  • No, swim goggles are not a thing of the past.

    No, swim goggles are not a thing of the past because many of the world's best swimmers just swam with goggles in the Rio Olympics. What would replace swim goggles? As of now, there is nothing that will replace the ease of putting goggles on or the price that they are sold for.

  • No, swim goggles are not a thing of the past.

    No, swim goggles are not a thing of the past. I think that they are still used by many swimmers and are not fading in popularity. Stores still stock swimming goggles and many people still wear them at pools or even the beach. It is important to protect the eyes when swimming and swim googles are still the best protection.

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