Are sword fights much better than fights with the latest technology?

Asked by: angii
  • Swords were way better!

    How do we fight today? The leaders themselves don't really fight and can quite easily betray their people by shaking hands with enemies when there is a danger for them to lose where as if we see the fights in the past, it was organized by the same leaders who fought with great bravery to protect their land and people. In sword fights, if civilians die the leader dies along with them, he also losses something except for money, but in the wars we have now a days only the soldiers and civilians die and the one to launch the attack is at home sleeping quite a peaceful sleep. I need swords back!

  • Yes, sword fights are better than technology fights.

    Slow motion matrix style fights are not entertaining. They are unrealistic and not even physically possible. If I want to be entertained I have to be able to believe a feat can be done. Sword fights are realistic and achievable. This latest technology fighting is a waste of time and resources.

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