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  • Syrian bombins are not an effective way to remove ISIS unless they are targeted

    Alone, Syrian bombings will not be an effective way to remove ISIS, and it will cause the deaths of many civilians. I do think bombings, though, are an effective way to remove ISIS, but we need to wait until we have the proper intel about where their leaders are so we can remove all those people in a power position from ISIS.

  • No, air power needs soldiers on the ground to achieve the best results.

    No, bombing runs can create opportunities, but there must be soldiers to follow up on those opportunities. This means that the best chance for removing ISIS lies in creating a coalition of local as well as international interests capable of fielding such forces. Furthermore, once ISIS's pretensions to statehood have been crushed, said coalition will have to change the social, political, and economic factors that fueled them in order to prevent a recurrence.

  • Syrian bombings are not an effective way to remove ISIS

    The only way to remove, or even destroy, ISIS is a boots on the ground campaign. Fighting these terrorists from the air on land that they know extremely well certainly yields some results, but nothing that would result in a long lasting success. The public does not have the stomach for another ground war and bombing campaigns are the only option at our disposal, but not likely to have much of an effect.

  • ISIS is not something that can be killed with bombs; it is a frightening ideal, not a person.

    ISIS is a movement. Ideals cannot be shot, cannot be bombed, and will not just disappear even if we could somehow get rid of every extremist that follows it. If ISIS disappears tomorrow, another group will rise up to fill the void. The problem doesn't lie in any number of individuals, but rather in the sociological status that causes these individuals to become extremists. If the source of these people who fall at the wayside of society is not fixed, there will continue to be people willing to sacrifice themselves for any crazy excuse that the next extremist leader comes up with.

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