• But of course.

    The real question is, Can you make a taco that is NOT delish? I literally eat tacos every night. EVERY NIGHT. It takes 5 minutes to prep a meal. And by that time, My mouth is watering the floor. Tacos aren't just a food group. Tacos are a way of life.

  • I love tacos tacos are life 4 real tho they are actually the best.

    I love tacos and if any noobs out there say that tacos are not amazing then you are stupid and should be ashamed of your life in general. I love tacos so much they are actually life and if any one in the world say no they are too messy or something like that they should know that they can clean their hands but my time runs short here ladies and gentlemen i have to go and clean a pan before my sister yells at me so have a good day [except for people who dont like tacos they should have a bad day

  • Tacos are good

    Tacos are delicious people loves eating tacos more and more people eat tacos . Tacos are the best thing you can ever eat .To those people who hate tacos are so not cool .To those people who love tacos are awesome . Tacos are so delicious and i love them!

  • Greatest food invented

    I love tacos! They are so good! Customizable and easy to carry with you! The best food ever, I love it. My favorite is a hard shell taco with lettuce, tomato, onions, black olives, cheese, sour cream and guacamole. MMM I just made myself hungry thinking about making one! LOL

  • Tacos are the shiznits

    How can you not enjoy a taco. You have a serious mental issue if you do not enjoy the amazing food of the taco. Tacos are supreme. Tacos are heavenly. Tacos are the shiznits. Tacos are the bee's knees. If you don't like tacos, you do not deserve to walk on this planet.

  • Tacos + Me = DELICIOUS!

    That equation right there is all you'll ever need in life. Forget quadratic formula, Pythagorean theorem, and distance formula. Those were a waste of time! Taco also =life. If you don't know the meaning to life just remember, it's tacos. Taco cat spelled backwards is still taco cat! *mind blown*

  • It's a taco

    Tacos are Mexican. Mexico is the fattest country in the world. It has to be good right? The combination of the shell, the meat, the cheese, the lettuce, and whatever else you decide to put on your tacos is a perfect combination of yumminess. They are also very versatile, for instance a taco salad!

  • Taco Taco Taco

    I believe I did not need a headline, hence I just posted mexico's gift to humans three times.
    Without tacos there would be world destruction, mass murder and even more genocide.
    Don't give peace a chance, give tacos a chance... And apparently i need another five words for me to post this. Ah there we go

  • Of Course, it's tacos

    I personally love tacos, their juicy meat, crisp lettuce, and exploding flavor makes my taste buds tingle with excitement! How could you not say yes to this Mexican delicacy? Add some spice to these babies and it makes the experience even better. Anyone that says tacos aren't delicious should burn...Profusely.

  • Overhyped and not that good

    I think it is very overhyped. People who usually enjoy it apparently never tasted real meat based meal and/or fast food. I think it is very normal and seriously underwhelming at best. I can cook better food than tacos at home for far fewer ingredients and much more coherent taste.

  • Im actually just messing with you all

    Tacos are a god given gift. The only reason I posted no was to make people go insane. Tacos are like happiness. You just ate happiness. The happiness is inside you. You are happy now. You just pooped out a turd of happiness hours later. You still think that taco was awesome and want to have a Taco Bell bed and breakfast. :3

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