• Tattoos are a form of expression... Ummm

    Maybe for someone who wants to continue to live in their double-wide. Tattoos are a bad choice for people trying to get ahead... You are going to cap your income potential likely (of course there are exceptions like some unimpressive celebs). Please RECONSIDER if you are thinking about making this decision.

  • Tattoos Are Just Fine

    Yes, tattoos are good as they are an outlet of personal expression and an artform. Tattoos allow an individual to express themselves purely through a marking on their skin, in such a way that a word never need be spoken. Likewise, they are an artform with many tattoos being quite beautiful.

  • Tattoos are a form of expression.

    Tattoos are a form of art and of expression. In some cultures tattoos are a part of religious expression. Tattoos are good because they allow people to express themselves and be creative. They are also religious, tribal, and cultural symbols to some people. They also provide jobs for tattoo artists.

  • Do whatever the hell you want

    If you want to get a tattoo, do it. Get one that makes you happy, that makes you feel nostalgic, that makes you wanna cry, whatever. If you want a tattoo, the only one that should be stopping you is you. Express yourself, decorate your body with ink or quotes, whatever floats your boat.

  • Tattoos have meaning and purpose

    I feel that tattoos are good for people who have a creative side or like expressing themselves whether its through an event they had in their life or just showing people who they are as a person. What they love or enjoy. Some may want scars covered up from self harm or surgeries. Tattoos are art of who we are and they can be so beautiful in so many ways.

  • Health Benefits and Expression

    Tattoos are a good thing, for multiple reasons. First of all, it has actually been proven that getting multiple tattoos can strengthen the immune system. Next, they are a form of self-expression and can mean a lot to a person. If a tattoo is appropriate (i.E.- no swear words, nothing racial, no gang signs) they are perfectly ok, and an interesting thing to add to one's body.

  • They aren't good or bad

    I don't think tattoos are smart but if you are getting one to remind yourself of a lost one or loved one or a Bible verse you should get one but if you are getting one just to get one don't cause then it looks dumb. Like if your tattoo has a meaning or a story then I think that's awesome and I love hearing about the stories cause all tattoos have a meaning.

  • Each to their own

    Everyone's different, so why should anyone care if someone else is tattooed? I get visible tattoos aren't well accepted in some places of work, but you know that before you choose to get tattooed. But out of the work environment, why should anyone care? Anyway, tattooed folk make the world a more colourful place

  • They are neither good or bad

    Tattoos are self-expression. It depends on who is wearing the tattoo. A secret terrorist may have a tattoo of the Satan symbol somewhere on him, or a someone may have a tattoo of something related to peace and love. I believe every tattoo should have a meaning, like a REAL meaning behind it; no one should get a tattoo to simply "look cool." You are (permanently) marking your skin. Wouldn't you want to make sure you wouldn't get something you would regret having later, and would put a LOT of though into it and make sure it truly means something to you?

    And make sure you go to a reputable, sterilized, and sanitary parlor or shop and make sure all of the equipment is unused each time.

  • This is a simply idiotizm

    Nothing to say that there are many of other forms of expression, moreover, tattoo is permanent, you can't remove it if you change your mind, In our country only criminals have tattoos, all normal people don't have it. And I know that this idiotism is only for British people. Yes

  • Superficial phony eyesore

    If this is how one "expresses him/herself", that person has very little to give to this world. In the times of celebrity worship, severe spiritual poverty and conformism with mindless pop culture, people are just filling the painful gap of the lack of individualism by a cheap defiling of their skin. You're an oh-so-original person by virtue of having gone to an uneducated "artist" to tinker with your skin, just like millions of others... The human body is the ultimate art (of nature, God, whatever you believe); would you put a graffiti on the Sistine Chapel?

  • Tattoos are very bad.

    Tattoos are very bad. I mean, why would you want a pile of permanent ink that comes with torcher and pain when you get it? In my opinion, it's just a waste of time.

    Who would want to waste their money on something that could ruin their lives? People discriminate against tattoos. People with tattoos are often disrespected in this world, and there are a lot of reasons why.

    In my opinion, tattoos are for idiots. I mean, seriously? Who would want something that will be on you forever? Honestly. Did you ever think that it could never come off, except without expensive, and even more incredibly painful, laser surgery? I mean, what if you had something like a marriage proposal on your tattoo, and the person said no? Well, guess what? You're stuck with it.

    Not to mention the fact that when you look at your epidermis from the inside after you get a tattoo, it's definitely not pretty.

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