• Look at me!!

    People with tattoos are looking for attention and want people to think they have a "toughness" about them. I see someone who is not that bright with an inferiority complex and a low weekly paycheck. Drink beer, talk tough and fight. Not exactly 'The Land of the Mental Giants." It' s kind of a status symbol for the low I.Q. crowd.

  • They are trashy

    I don't care how beautiful or classy a woman appears as soon as I see a tattoo she drops in the class level in my opinion of her. They make a woman look cheap, dumb and uneducated. I associate men with them with as uneducated and classless as well. They are ugly to everyone but the person who got them.

  • They's low class and tacky and demonstrate a lack of education and class.

    They look bad (except maybe possibly VERY small ones tastefully positioned), destroy rather than enhance people's natural beauty. You will almost never see them on highly educated people, those in senior positions, politicians or business leaders. Basically you see them most on low-life, the poorly educated or posers. Just look plain ugly.

  • I don't care

    I don't care if your tattoo is an expression of yourself. I don't care that it has some deep meaning to you and only you. I don't care what it is, it looks like someone doodled on your skin. It detracts from a professional appearance, its irrevocable, and all you're doing is rebelling senselessly against the norm. Come to me looking for a job. I dare you. When you want to tell me about how important your tattoos are to you and your sense of expression, watch me hire somebody else. By your appearance, you are not upholding the professional appearance I hold myself to, the same professional appearance I expect from my subordinates. By looking like you fell asleep at a party with your shoes on, you most certainly do not have that appearance.

  • Tattoos represent poor judgement and therefore are negatively stereotyped for good reason

    Making permanent markings on ones body shows that the person who has them does not have an understanding of the unsavory history of the tattoo in the western world; or even why the permanent makings show severe short sightedness on the part of the wearer. Additionally, the distraction of the "bill board" like markings, distract from the outfit the person is wearing and just make a person look unattractive and dirty. Tattoos limit a persons opportunities in life because of their negative connotations and associations. 40% of companies will not hire a person with tattoos. One of the biggest reasons why they are negatively stereotyped too, is that they distract from then wearers "presence" and there fore are considered a nuisance. When I see a person with a tattoo, I see the tattoo, not the person.

  • They are low class

    Of course , people that have them will say they are not. I know they are and could not care who disagrees with me. I wont hire them either. Which is my right. They chose to low class their appearance. It is not my fault that people were unwise in their life choices.

  • Truly Bad Judgement

    Tattoos advertise that the wearer needs to get attention and doesn't believe he/she can get it because of their intelligence or personality. Demonstrates lack of self confidence. Also shows a predisposition to immediate gratification and a total lack of thought about the future. Have you seen pictures of old people who are tattooed?

  • Trashy...sorry!

    What an odd question...yes, tattoos are negatively stereotyped. This is because 99.9% of them -- whether they are religious, cancer-survivor oriented, or the names of exes -- look trashy and/or out-of-place on the natural human body. My assumption when I see someone with a highly-visible, gaudy tattoo is that they were so unhappy with what nature gave them that they felt they had to out and augment it somehow; or that they have some deep-seated psychological trauma resulting in the need to (often poorly) express various sentiments (via ink) or are seeking control over the pain of some PTSD by voluntarily engaging in the painful process of getting a permanent tattoo of their OWN choosing. I've never looked at a tattoo and said: Wow, that person has really got it all together! So in that respect, yes, tattoos ARE negatively stereotyped. And no matter how many bad, common, cheesy tats these kids get, they will always be negatively stereotyped for the aforementioned assumptions people like me who are happy with themselves (in general) will always make when they see them. Buy stock now in tat-removal techs and business!

  • Yes by experience

    I am an educated white female. I have a prominent job at my local hospital but I stand out more than the other workers. Why? Because I have tattoos all over my arms, as well as my chest, back. I am covered. Strangers on the street do not know what I do for a living and when they see me, they gawk, stare, grimace, shake theirs heads no. It is as if I am a bad person because of my tattoos. However, little do they know!
    Society, especially the older generation, tend to gawk at at tattoos and make assumptions without getting to know that person.
    Remember that saying your parents taught you growing up-Don't judge a book by its cover. Society needs to remember this saying.

  • Are Tattoos Negatively Stereotyped...

    Unlike clothing or a hairstyle, Tattoos are pretty much permanent. You cannot change them when you get tired of them at least not without some pretty expensive medical procedures. Some Tattoos, particularly those with white, yellow or red cannot be removed at all, at least not without excession. What one might think is cute now might be very different from what one might think 20 years hence. How can anyone be so stupid as to do this to him or herself? I consider all Tattoos ugly and trashy. They indicate a degenerate person with low values. I put one on my arm when I was 13 and did not know better. I will ultimately have it removed. If I see one on a woman, it normally is an absolute bar to any connection or contact unless it is small, inconspicous and done a long time ago. I think of tattoos the same way I think of smoking cigarettes or taking drugs.

  • The generation of stereotypes is passed

    The only people that still stereotype tattoos are middle aged to old people today. Tattoos are becoming more common and less looked down upon in today's age unless your literally covered in them from head to toe. Now if your tattoos are offensive that may also be a different story, but if you have genuine tattoos that are part of you and mean something special theirs no reason to be stereotyped.

  • Tattoos as just as bad as everyone tends to say they are.

    It's not that tattoos themselves are the epitome of worldly evil, but I must dissent from the popular opinion in this case. It seems the majority of those who bear body-art are not very "burgoise" and typically quite unintelligent. Many react in an apoplectic manner when their "ink" is attributed any criticism and most parents with tattoos that I've met are very poor in caring for their own children! In a way it's like criticizing one those "bands". Maybe it isn't the awful obstreperous music, just the awful obstreperous fans. Thank you for your time.

  • Tattoos are Terrible

    Many tattoos are obtained when people are under the age of 25. Did you know your frontal lobe isn't even fully developed until the age of 25? That means your decision making faculties aren't complete yet - yet you are making permanent marks on your body.

    Did you know that over a lifetime, people generally change the way they dress, wear their hair and the styles they use to furnish their home? Ever see old pictures of yourself and think "ewww, I can't believe I wore that... Or looked that way... Or wore my hair that way.... What was I thinking?" Think that won't happen with your tattoo someday?

    Have you seen old people and their tattoos - one word, gross.

  • Close-Minded Ignorance

    Your supporting arguments make absolutely no sense! It drives me crazy! Every tattoo tells a story, belief, or holds a memory. What happened to "Don't judge a book by it's cover"? I'm sure you all have been looked down upon at one point in your lives, so why would you feel the need to be so cruel as to return the favor? It's truly disgusting!! I have PLENTY of tattoos, but you know what? I have done ten times better in school and at work than most of those who DON'T have tattoos. Tattoos are a way of expression, and a way to stand out in a crowd, to be a piece of art! I think the most beautiful people are the ones that have tattoos, not once in my life have I notice a person without tattoos, why? They blend in. I understand if someone gets something ridiculous, like a lawn mower, but a peice that means something, it's truly beautiful, as is the person with it. Inside and out, unlike you negative people.

  • Tattoos have become a respectable art form and are no longer viewed by most and something disagreeable.

    Once upon a time only those who served in the military had them. Then civilians with questionable reputations got them--prisoners, gang members etc.--and now nearly everyone under the age of 50 has one. TV reality shows about tattoo artists abound and the art form has become more sophisticated. Even the older generations are beginning to come around and accept tattoos as a part of our culture.

    Posted by: N3vinFace
  • Tattoos are quite popular among today's youth.

    Tattoos are more popular and acceptable then ever in the United States of America currently, especially among the youth. Non-offensive tattoos no longer always prevent a person from employment, even at prestigious jobs or jobs that interact with the public. Celebrities are often tattooed. Also it is much safer to get a tattoo nowadays without have to associate oneself with the "other side of the tracks".

    Posted by: Wynn354
  • Suburban middle class grandmas have them

    No, tattoos are no longer negatively stereotyped, though clearly a lot of people with tattoos want to think so, and that's not a coincidence. Although now a completely culturally mainstream trend, a lot of people like to feel like they're doing something rebellious or edgy by having them (like white kids listening to gansta rap cruising around in the car that their daddy pays insurance on...), but that's long ceased to be the case. Once Hollywood celebrities and pro athletes started getting tatted everywhere some years back, middle America was sure to follow en masse sooner or later. What was once a subculture is now anything but, and the people claiming "discrimination" who only "came to the party" after it was safe and mainstream are laughable. Yes, it is true that some people DO NOT LIKE tattoos very much, but it seems to me that is most often because they don't find them interesting or attractive. That is why I don't and won't ever have any, anyway.

  • They are not

    Because anyone who discriminates against someone who has made the personal choice to get a tattoo (as long as it isn't a swastika, etc.) is just as bad as someone discriminating against someone who has made the personal choice to be a Christian, Jew, or Muslim and I believe that is dead wrong.

  • Tattoos aren't negatively stereotyped in the US anymore than they are positively stereotyped.

    Tattoos are personal decision and if you don't want to be judged because of them then you don't have to get them. The fact of the matter is that most people do want to be judged because of tattoos and that's why they get them. People want to give off some sort of vibe or image and they think that getting tattoos will help them to do so. Many people viewing a person with tattoos will think that the tattoos (if well done) denote "coolness". There are people who might negatively judge people with tattoos, but most of these people are part of the conservative right. There are also people who would rather be associated with someone with tattoos than with someone without any.

    Posted by: TwoVic
  • Tattoos have become the norm, and are no longer negatively stereotyped by the majority.

    There are still people who view them negatively, but tattoos have become a right of passage into adulthood by many of America's youth. With that being said, the type and placement of the tattoo can be viewed negatively. For example, tattoos on the face still aren't "normal", nor are "rough" depictions.

    Posted by: daveyxh

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Eva says2013-02-17T14:20:12.047
Overall, tattoos will always be judged, some people like them others don't - in the end you must decide for yourself. I have seen and know very respectable people who have them and know very disrespectful people who don't have's should not define who you are, but in the world we live in, in most cases they sadly do...still will not stop me as it's my life, and I am not here to impress anyone else.
Anonymous says2013-05-02T01:16:32.647

I believe tattoos are negatively stereotyped. Always have been, always will be. I myself love tattoos. What some people fail to understand is that a tattoo isn’t just ink on our body it’s what makes us who we are. You can say it's trashy, you can say it isn’t classy, its body vandalism, it doesn’t matter what you call it, it's us. It’s who we are, so why judge? Everyone has their own way of expressing themselves and this is a way for some of us to do it. Something we love. If you don’t like it, good for you! Why do you have to open your mouth and try and bring other people down that have tattoos? Our bodies we can do what we want with them.
Anonymous says2013-06-10T07:30:43.797
Generally, tattoos in my opinion at least, bear no meaning in my life. Of course, many see it as an art, stigma, stereotype you name it. The only problem I have with tattoos is when they are extreme (nudity, racial, political or offensive) in nature specially in public (of course it's relative). My lady has tattoos, but none nothing offensive or extreme for public eyes specially near children. They are many ways to express myself and tattoos is not one of them. I think it's a bit morally presumptuous to think we can tell others what they should or should not do with their bodies. It's no different that someone telling me how I should spend my money. I say do as you wish as long are you are not harming or offending others with your ink. Keep in mind you have every right to ink yourself just as employers have every right to deny you a position or opportunity for employment.
skillidiomas says2013-11-04T19:36:02.410
Well, the subject of tattoos is very polemic. Many controversies are involved, because many people believe the tattoos can cause a bad impression or in the future you can regret them, but I think this is a rude thought, because when you decided to make a tattoo your thought has to be a mature one. The tattoo is a register of a moment in you life, it has a meaning or it can be a homage to someone you like. Of course many people have prejudice, but the person’s opinion is the focus! If the person has a willingness, I think the person has to do it, but pay attention, you need to choose a good tattooist, see if the person is confident and of course if the material is new, because of the needles you can get infected.
So, do a tattoo! Pay attention to the material and choose a good drawing!

Nara Machado Rockenbach, Vilhena, RO, Brazil
Skill Idiomas
skillidiomas says2013-11-04T19:36:40.653
I think that the choice to do a tattoo is exclusive of the person that is doing the tattoo. He/she determines what to draw in his/her body. He/she can put anything but needs thinks what to put and where to put because in the future he/she can regret.
There are some things that disturb the professional and the personal life when the person does the tattoo, such as: lose the job, cause bad impressions, call attention of people that have prejudice against this and can infected.
Although the tattoo has many cons, can be a good permanent homage to someone that you really love, can be a register of a good moment in the life and can express how people are.
So if you really would like to do a tattoo search for a good professional and decide for something that you will never regret.

Eduardo Cerrutti, Vilhena, RO, Brazil
Skill Idiomas
skillidiomas says2013-11-04T19:42:46.570
I like tattoos. Depends on tattoos. I think that they are beautiful, such as a homage for someone they like, but when the person does a tattoos without a purpose it is immature. I think about doing a tattoo, but, in the first place, I think about my professional life. I know that many people have a bad impression about this kind of person but it is the person's decision. Other factor that is very important when somebody will do a tattoo is the pain, because the tattooist uses needles and it is painful. Another thing about the needles is that is that the person can be infected by this. And the most important is about the future, the tattoo is permanent and I can regret this. Gabriela Lotti, Vilhena, RO, Brazil. Skill Idiomas
SweetTea says2014-03-12T20:56:04.093
Ironically, the Latin word for tattoo is "stigma".
Rapolho says2014-05-14T05:07:45.880
Just look at the picture at the top of this page. Why would someone want to walk around with a stupid star trek tattoo for the rest of their lives. What an embarrassment! And that goes for 95% of all tattoos I have ever seen, which I guess leaves 5%, and even those usually are unattractive.
TheINFJNala says2014-09-06T22:37:08.243
This is what the majority of tattoo-haters should tell the majority of tattooed people:

"I hate tattoos. I think they are ugly and they mutilate your body. I don't understand at all why anyone would want one when you could just get a painting, shirt, or whatever other art form.

Yes, I'll still love/like/get to know you. No, I will not judge you. No, I will not think you are this or that when I don't know if you really are. We have all done stupid things. We are human. I will not judge you when I am not perfect. Besides, we are different anyway. Being different is not bad if you are not harming anyone. Personality comes from the mind and heart, not our skin. "

Why can't the narrow-minded people say this?
TheINFJNala says2014-09-06T22:39:52.810
In other words, hate the tattoo, not the person who wears it.
TheINFJNala says2014-09-27T23:35:09.403
Oh, and also: Redheads were considered children of the devil. But that has been proven to be a myth. So why can't the stereotype be proven a myth?

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