Are tattoos only cool/sexy/interesting on sexy people?

  • Yes, tattoos are only as good looking as the person whose skin it is on (this exempts any tattoos related to military service, respect always)

    Disclaimer: A Yes answer to this question may appear shallow, but tattoos are only skin deep!: When is the last time you saw a tattoo on an unattractive person and thought it was honestly cool or looked good? Or are you like me and thought to yourself "geez, that tattoo only highlights the fact that you aren't attractive and makes you look even less attractive" Guys tend to get tattoos of things that are masculine and on masculine regions of the body like shoulders, upper back and lats, biceps, and perhaps abs if they have "A Situation". Ladies tend to get them done in places of their body that accentuate their femininity such as the lower back to draw attention to their rump, or perhaps the curve of her hip and lower abdomen to show off her birthing potential, or even the wrist, back of the neck, or ankle to draw attention to the delicate nature of said body regions. Point being, tattoos are self expression but often used to draw attention to our best physical attributes. If you don't have nice physical form or attributes to draw attention to, then tattoos don't look so good on you (no offense to anyone reading this who is unattractive and therefore should not have tattoos but does...God still loves you and there is nothing wrong with friendship)

  • Lumping cool/sexy/interesting together is unfair

    1. To my perspective, a tattoo is a legitimate work of art. Therefore, any well designed tattoo is interesting no matter who it is plastered on. Sexual attractiveness is of a completely different matter and differs from person to person. Those who are sexy prior to tattooing will often still be sexy after having been tattooed (also applies to those who are not sexy to begin with). It's all a matter of personal aesthetic opinions.
    2. Sexy people are capable of not being cool or interesting.. Enough said.

  • No, not at all.

    Tattoos are desicration of the body and I think that some are okay, but there are those people who go over board and you just say, "What a freak!" Many superstars get tattoos and they don't look the same. Especially girls. If girls get a major tattoo that you can see it's a major turn off.

  • I don't think so

    I personally think a tattoo's a waste of time, I mean what's the point so you can look "sexy" for a while and then it just goes bad due to age and you most likely will need to get it removed if you still want to look "sexy." I honestly can't see any real reason someone would get a tattoo.

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