• Taxs are very fair.

    People jsut think that taxs are not fair becaise they need to pay money to the goverment. Now i work for the goverment and i enjoy every time that they pay taxs to me because that mean i get more $ and the more money i get the better. Thank you

  • Taxes are Unfair

    Thats why we separated from the British. Unfair taxing. And now there are taxes on the rich. If youre lucky enough to prosper you should not be taxed. The gov needs to stop transforming into Big Brother. We are becoming Communists and thats not cool. Taxes should be against the law. If you want to donate money to the gov, go ahead, but it should not be mandatory.

    Posted by: D.14
  • There is absolutely nothing fair about taxes at all!!!

    How can something be fair when 94% of the population doesn't even understand the existing tax code. This incentive based tax system is so confusing on purpose and thats exactly the way they want it. Taxes on earnings that people work hard for should be terminated completely. The IRS (I, Rob & Steal) should be abolished anyway. The funny thing about taxes is this. We pay tax on items that have already been taxed before the sales tax is even added on - these called hidden taxes - which about every american pays roughly $3000 a year for and they don't even know it. That is 751 billion dollars right there. So many loopholes and deductions and other ways of dodging what your fair share should be - Fair Tax = NO TAX!!!! It's a lot easier to control what you spend as apposed to what you bring in...Wasteful spending is the problem

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