Are taxes on sugary and fatty foods an example of government overreach?

  • Yes, and life is not about money - but people.

    Government is an institution to guarantee freedom. Unfortunately, our government seems to be mainly concerned with money.

    Money is a form of exchange, between people. It is simply a tool for living life. Life is a far from a perfect system. But, government seems to be treating people as employees. We are to be marginalized so that PROFIT can be MAXIMIZED (and expenses minimized).

    What happens to the quality of life when PEOPLE ARE MARGINALIZED?

    I am not an employee of the USA - I am a citizen of the republic!

  • Yes.

    Taxes on sugary and fatty foods, as well as the recent law in New York disallowing larger sized sodas, are examples of government overreach. The government should not control what people eat, and if they want to make poor food choices let them. Also they are punishing everyone just because some people chose to overeat. The taxes and regulations are pretty ridicules, and unfair.

  • Yes, they are overreaching.

    Taxes on sugary and fatty foods are lovingly known by government as a "sin tax." Since when is the government in any position to tell me what a sin is, and that I'm guilty? The truth is they will tax everything they can, because they can and we let them. And if it's something we really like, or are addicted to, they will tax the hell out of it.

  • Yes, there are overreaching.

    If the FDA has approved such items to be consumed by Americans, then everything should be taxed equally. If the government steps in and says "you have to pay a higher price for that, because it has too much fat in it," that is really the first steps in the direction of Socialism/Communism. Controlling of a population, and what they do. American's are already controlled by the government as it is.

  • No, They're not overreaching

    The government is being nuanced in it's approach to attempt to control the population. That is what government is for- to govern, from the Latin "gubernator" which means "helmsman." It is meant to steer us on the best path. A similar argument came up in Massachusetts regarding motorcycle helmets. Even a very conservative friend of mine agreed that people should be forced to wear them, because their accidents raise insurance rates and everyone else has to pay for it. The same goes for the consequences of being overweight. Tax Away!

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