• You can never replace teachers with computers.

    A teacher can understand what problem the child is having, and explain how to fix the problem based on past experiences. A computer is programmed to share information and to test understanding. However, if a child doesn't understand something, all the robot can do is repeat himself until the child understands. This comparison of how robots help kids who do not understand vs. How a teacher does it, makes it obvious that the teacher is superior at educating children.

  • Teachers are better than computers

    Teachers are better than computers because teachers actually have emotions and the computers and robots don't actually have emotions.If a kid says that his stomach hurts then the robot would probably say that they do not understand or say to deal with it and yet teachers actually wouldn't do that.

  • Can humans be replaced by computers?

    I think that computers will definitely not be able to substitute for teachers. Although a computer provides students with many illustrations for the lesson but it does not have any emotion which plays an important role in supporting students' mental development. While, Teachers can realise both positive and negative feelings of their students in order to adjust teaching methods to be more suitable, A computer fails to do this job. By offering encouragement, Teachers can easily help their students to improve their study results. Teachers can make learning fun and they are so so caring and understanding. Teachers are humans, They are not machines. Humans know what human wants, Teachers may have same past to the students. They can understand the students' feelings and they can help the students to solve their problems. So, Therefore teachers can't be replaced by computers.
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  • Not All Teachers Are Equal

    I have sat through many classes in public school where the majority of the class consisted of the teacher whining about their paycheck not being the same as someone with a graduate degree. I have even had teachers attempt to influence students of voting age to go vote on legislation to raise their salaries, offering "extra credit" and whatnot.
    I have had condescending teachers, teachers with biases, teachers who thought it was funny when their students' grades dropped.
    I honestly had not had a good teacher since the 6th grade up until my senior year (the only remarkable teacher I can mention is my AP government teacher). My professors in college far surpassed the narcissistic, apathetic teachers I was forced to spend semesters, or even years with in high school.
    I have taken online courses that have actually stabilized my understanding on the subject better and increased my retention. In classrooms in public school, I found I was often just regurgitating information that the teacher wanted to hear without really comprehending it.

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