• Teacher are indispensable part of learning.

    I believe that education is from (B-D) Birth to Death. We need teachers for us to be guided. Yes we can have knowledge in our own but it doesn't mean that the teachers are no longer essential in the world of education. As what I have said that education is from birth to death, every we will encounter different kinds experience and we can even learn from it. But it cannot surpass the value of the teacher who open the window of learning for us before we come up to this level of mentality that we believe we no longer need teacher. Let us not forget that teachers are the one who form us.

  • I hate them

    The truth is I hate teachers and what they stand for I think they support things and force students to think the way they do. Being more of a Friend then doing there job. Here is were I cut the line were they say teachers are not needed, We really do need teachers they create jobs first off. Second off they really do teach us what the classes are apposed to be about. But forcing students to go to unneeded classes like Health or Spanish, is just unacceptable when they are not needed for a child's learning. Other wise they are Essential.

  • I'm so GLAD!!!!!!!!!

    There would not be any education on this planet if it wasn't for teachers. So I'm glad that there are such things as teachers on the planet. Me and you would right now be dumb and stupid now if it wasn't for teachers on the planet right here right now.

  • Good too good

    Its good its shows us how teachers are essential for learning Teachers Introduce Variety I believe teachers are essential for learning. After all, if I was left up to my own choosing, I would only study the topics I liked. However, it is the teacher's in my life that have introduced me to new topics I was not aware of or given my glimpeses into subjects I thought at first, I did not like. This was he one which i liked most

  • Good too good

    Its good its shows us how teachers are essential for learning Teachers Introduce Variety I believe teachers are essential for learning. After all, if I was left up to my own choosing, I would only study the topics I liked. However, it is the teacher's in my life that have introduced me to new topics I was not aware of or given my glimpeses into subjects I thought at first, I did not like. This was he one which i liked most

  • Teachers are important because of new areas and aid.

    Teachers are essential because students in school don't know everything and need someone to help them. Robots are coming; however, I believe they will not be effective to the child learning. One reason being, children won't believe them. Lastly, teachers are more experienced and wiser. They know what they're talking about. They are supporters, leaders and educators. We need people like that to help the next generation grow mentally and physically. Those are just the reasons why teachers are essential for learning.

  • Teachers are essential for learning.

    I believe that teachers are essential for learning because if we didn’t have teachers, where would you get help? Parents are able to help sometimes, but what do you do when they do not know the answer? You would have to scour the internet for anything that could explain what you are supposed to be doing. It is simply much easier to have a teacher to ask. Also, where would get help when you don’t know what topics to study, or where to start? Teachers are great tools given to students.

  • How else will you learn?

    I feel like it is essential for teachers to help us learn. I can also kind of speak from experience because my science teacher always plays boring videos and I never learn a thing. I also feel like it helps to see the teacher teach to get us more involved with what they are teaching.

  • Educators Are Essential

    When it comes to getting an education, students need someone who is completely knowledgable of the subjects at hand to give them guidance. Sure, you can argue that people have been teaching themselves things since the beginning of time, but they had to have passed their findings on. If people had not taught others what they knew, we would not have the knowledge we possess today.

    For some, school is a safe haven away from home. Without educators, there would not be school and no place for children to escape to. Teachers can be role models and provide a child with the solid support he or she may be lacking at home.

    Alternatives like online schooling deprive students of the face to face teachings they truly need. A classroom environment with teachers who can assist with thing one on one will benefit students more than schooling through a computer screen can.

    Educators give students that extra step they need to gain toward independence. Your teachers may be your worst enemies or your greatest companions but they are passionate about what they do and only want you to help you succeed. Students now and those of generations to come have this country's future in their hands, and without the guidance and support of educators they may never survive in the real world.

  • Teachers Are Essential

    Teachers are essential to school, especially with public schooling. Some people believe they aren’t because many people teach. I think that teachers are very important for school because they often act as children’s only source of learning. Without them, thousands of kids wouldn’t know what 7x3 equals, what a gerund is, how to read, who was our first president and how many protons are in the element hydrogen. Students are taught things every single day that will help them. They might be able to figure some things out on their own, but without teachers, they will be lost. When someone learns something and share it, technically they are teaching someone something new. With no teachers, no one would have been taught anything in the first place. Several students come to school with a deprivation of knowledge. Teachers are extremely essential to school because they motivate and encourage children to be the best they can be.

  • Teachers goal for students is autonomous learning

    Ultimate goal of education is autonomous learning. If you depend on having a teacher for your knowledge, how could you become an autonomous learner? Teachers are not "essential" to learning. Much learning can occur outside a classroom without a teacher. Children before even reaching school age learn so much - how to talk, how to walk and so on.

  • They are bad

    Between the sexual conduct and the abuse the teachers have no reason in this world.. . . . . . . . . . ... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

  • Many presidents did not have a education

    Many of our great presidents did not have an education, but were still able to do great things. The first president of the US George Washington did not have a education but went on to become the president of the US. There are many other presidents who didn't go to school and still were able to become great people.

  • Teachers are more like a window

    Teachers are more like a window ...They can only show the way. Students have to just put in their effort.
    The role of teachers in today's education is marginal
    Technology has enormous potential to address educational needs more efficiently, help teachers improve their performance and enrich and individualize student learning. Indeed, in places such as India that face massive underserved populations and a shortage of qualified teachers, it’s hard to imagine making a dent without leveraging technology in a big way.”

  • Teachers are not essential for learning

    Many people teach - without being qualified as a teacher. Parents are their children's primary educators, and choose the education they want for their children. Some parents choose to home school their children, and their children often do very well without any input from teachers. Some courses for adults require no teacher. Book keeping is a good example. The student can take a course and have work marked without input from a teacher, and in rural areas this has been very successful. Many adults prefer not to work with a teacher. Mentoring and guidance are functions performed by teachers - but others fulfil these roles all the time. Pastoral care is often seen as the function of a religious organisation - or a social worker - or a friend. There is no role that only a teacher can perform, in fact they should be kept firmly in check in some instances. For example - they are notorious for ruining Shakespeare, in their ham fisted attempts to teach his plays, and can ensure that their students are deprived of their enjoyment for life. Love for learning is taught in the child's general experience - usually it starts in the home. Even a good teacher can only ever build on those foundations, they cannot independently establish them, because they only see their students for, at most, 6 hours per day.

  • Of course not - people learn all the time without the help of teachers

    Learning happens all the time. New words, how to use the kettle, how to open a bank account etc. Most experiences are learnt through trial and error and not with teachers.
    Even at school - I personally took a course which was no longer being used at school - so the teachers didn't care and so didn't come for lessons. I studied from the text books and passed the tests. The other students who didn't and relied on the teachers - failed miserably

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