• Without teachers nursing could not exist as a profession.

    A licensed nurse is required to complete some form of post-secondary education. Accordingly this requires completion of secondary, and primary education. It is posible the skills and knowledge required to be a nurse could be obtained from other means (self-taught, home-schooling). However accreditation of skills and knowledge can only be obtained from an educational authority (teachers).
    Therefore without teachers nursing could not exist as a profession.

  • Life and death

    If tomorrow, every teacher didn't show up for work, it would be a societal inconvenience. If tomorrow, every nurse didn't show up for work, ventilators, dialysis, and vital/complex hemodynamic drips would stop....People die. A teacher can be replaced with a "how to" manual as evidenced by Home Schooling. You can't hand out "how to" guides to nurses working on an oncology unit or an ICU.....Easy argument.

  • Teachers are not more important than nurses

    Although nurses are more important than teachers, nurses can also do a good deal of teaching as they go about their duties. They teach patients how to care for themselves and prevent the return of the illness that put them in hospital in the first place. They help in life threatening situations and are an important part of the medical team helping with recoveries from illness and injury. They provide comfort to those who are critically ill and may not survive and they offer comfort to the families of those who are in a health or injury crisis. Teachers, although they are important to helping the minds of the young and inexperienced grow, do not provide the life-giving aid that nurses do along with their teaching skills.

  • Both Are Vital

    Teachers are not more important than nurses. Teachers bring knowledge to others, which is an essential part of any community, to foster education. Nurses, on the other hand, help an individual stay healthy. The two professions are not comparable and are both very important to any community. A community without nurses would be sick and helpless and a community without teachers would be uneducated.

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