Are teachers paid enough for the work they do?

Asked by: robinesgatos
  • I believe so

    The education of young people is vital to society. It educates our future generations and ensures society's progression and keeps us as a powerful country.
    However at the end of the day it is not a particularly difficult job and it comes with a lot of perks. Firstly you get a lot of paid holidays. In the UK it is 12-16 weeks paid holiday a year. During the summer holidays they are not even required to do any marking. Having the whole summer off is a luxury.
    Secondly it is the method and tools used to teach that is seeing better results. Even children with bad teachers can attain good results as anybody can implement the methods.
    Also you do not need to be particularly qualified to teach. You need a C at GCSE (not sure what the American equivalent is) to teach your subject. If somebody had a C in the subject I would view that individual as not that bright. A lot of teachers are there for a pay check and not because they care about the duty, this sees minimal effort be put in.
    And finally I believe the disciplining side of it, is something most teachers fail at. I know they can only do so much and they have hands tied behind their backs and the parents are the primary disciplinarians. But still they should do something.
    I speak from experiencing, I got poor grades in early education because of either poor teachers who failed to teach me the content correctly. Or because they did not care enough to discipline me and make sure I was on track. Yet in my later education I got good grades and qualified with a 2:1 from a top university, all because of self motivation and more or less self study. The teachers job is not that important. Therefore there low pay is adequate.

  • If Anything Most of Them are Overpaid

    Teaching is not the easiest career to get hired into, but it is most definitely the hardest career to get fired from.

    At most jobs, you have to work to avoid being fired. But if you're a teacher, not getting fired is as easy as showing up and not breaking a law.

    Yes, there are plenty of teachers highly devoted to their jobs, but what about the teachers who just show up, turn on a movie, and give their kids some busy work. Do they deserve a raise? I think not.

  • They create the future.

    Teachers are one of the most underrated underpaid but very important professions in the entire world. Teachers are the ones that put the knowledge into our presidents, congressmen and women, military professionals to create a plan to protect the United States citizens from economic turmoil over China. Teachers are one the backbones of modern society and their pay should reflect that.

  • Lol not at all

    They have to deal with Jamal and Tyrone 5 days a week as their jobs. I can see how someone would go insane doing that, I know I would. Honestly there should be more incentive to taking care of Jamal and Tyrone for that long, more money would be a start.

  • Were talking about education for the future of your country

    I'm not a teacher. That doesn't mean I don't believe in what teachers stand for.
    Teachers should be the highest paying profession in our country because that's how important our kids are, our education is, and the future. With that being said, More focus on providing support, training and effective interventions for teachers. Training and education should all reach masters level, preference (and higher pay) to doctors. Yes maybe I am taking Finlands example (which BTW scores higher than the US) and Yeah yeah yeah "no! I don't wanna go to school more to become a teacher!" Why? It benefits YOU in the long run as a teacher and it benefits SOCIETY to have effective teachers.
    Who teaches you to read, write, math, all the things you hate and love? Sure your parents can do that and if they do then great! Except some of our parents are single, working, negligent, stressed, tired, preoccupied, mentally ill, disabled, homeless, teens, addicts, detached.. The list goes on and on and on.
    I think people forget just how important teachers are to us and how much teachers benefit our society because we are mostly associating teachers with the bad apples and students mostly see teachers as giving them a test and a grade.
    You think teachers want to give students a test and a grade? Not all of them (I'm sure some do), teachers became teachers because they want to teach simple as that.

  • In my case no.

    But it should be noted that school districts set their own rates. In strong unionized states, salaries can be upwards of 6 figures. In states like mine, it's not uncommon to find teaching positions that are on the brink of minimum wage. So the question is pretty subjective, but as a general rule, the profession of teaching doesn't seem well respected. I often have people commenting on my "two months vacation" during the summer. I don't think people realize that teachers are essentially laid off for two months out of the year. We don't get paid for it. I'm not necessarily complaining though, I still get all holidays and weekends off :)

  • Very underappreciated job!

    My mom is a teacher and even though school ends at 3 pm, she usually doesn't get home till between 5 and 7 pm. I go in to help her out about once a week on weekends and the workload is unbelievable! She also buys a lot of her own supplies like classroom decorations and she also buys a lot of second-hand jackets and gloves and stuff because a lot of parents send their kids to school in the winter time in warm weather clothing. I always tease her and tell her that if she were getting paid by the hour instead of salary, she would probably only be making like $3.00 per hour!

  • Teachers deserve more for what they do.

    These people are teaching our future, and sometimes our future can be hard to deal with. Teachers work with the next group of doctors, scientists, engineers, and everyone else. How are we going to advance our society if we don't teach them what we already know? We wouldn't know anything close to as much without teachers. They are the foundation, the starting point of our society, and we should support them with their pay.

  • They raise the next generation.

    I would hope anyone could see the importance of compensating the teachers of the next generation in relation to their work. While I could get behind the requirements to be hired being raised, teachers are without a doubt underpaid making less than some garbage men in fact, (not to detract from the profession of course).

  • No, not at all

    Teachers don't get paid enough for all of the work they do. Being a teacher is unlike any job, as a teacher you're responsible for educating students and creating children who will eventually (and hopefully) become productive members of society in the future. Teachers work more hours than most people, showing up before students arrive and staying for a few hours after the school day has ended for students. Teachers are also expected to deal with discipline problems during the day. Teachers have many responsibilities when they come to work and because of that they should be payed much more than they are now.

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