Are teachers relevant in a technological society?

  • Of course they are

    Teachers do exactly what it says they do, technology cannot completely replace the human element. Furthermore, what about the technology itself, who is going to tell students how to use it properly and make sure that they actually are? We cannot phase teachers out of the education system, that'd be nuts.

  • Teachers will always be relevant.

    Yes, teachers are very much still relevant in a technological society. No matter how much technology we develop, a block of solid state memory with some programming instructions and clever animation cannot ever substitute for the wisdom and real world experience of a human instructor. There will always be a need for teachers.

  • Yes,teachers are relevant in a technological society.

    Yes,teachers are relevant in a technological society.First of all somebody has to teach the technology to the users.Second of all students usually learn a lot better with face to face interaction and an explanation from a human being helps most people learn the concepts involved in using the technology in an efficient manner.

  • Teachers will always be relevant.

    No matter how much technology we have around us, teachers will always be relevant. A file of instructions can never replace the wisdom and knowledge of someone who has seriously studied and also practiced the course material. Also, I'm unaware of a computer or iPad ever being considered as a role model.

  • Teachers are relevant.

    It's hard for me to envision a world that does not have teachers as a cornerstone of the education industry. I think that, though technology is going to rise in the future, having a human component to education will still be entirely required. I think teachers will always have their place.

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