Are teachers too non-physical in their lessons?

Asked by: JAVC
  • Teachers are too non-physical in their lessons.

    Teachers are too non-physical in their lessons. A hands on approach is always better then sitting behind a desk and trying to explain a topic or lesson. Teachers with a no hand on approach usually have a class that is not too understanding of the subject. I always prefer if a teacher actually got involved and motivated about getting their students to learn.

  • Yes some of the time

    I think that teachers are too non physical in many of their lessons. Being more hands on is a great way to learn and I think it should be used more often. I do not think this is the teachers fault though. I think that there is not enough money to allow them to teach in a more hands on, more physical way. Teachers do the best they can with what they have.

  • Yes and No

    There is a time and place for drill and practice, especially in math or with reading. There is no other way to do it except to practice over and over again. However, physical learning is a way to really help students understand the concepts that are presented and keep them in their memory.

  • Teachers Need to Be More Physical

    All jokes aside, teachers need to be more physical with their lessons and teachings. A teacher that sits behind their desk and teaches is doing their students no favors. A hands-on approach leads to a quality education that students can use to benefit themselves for the rest of their lives.

  • I like it dirty.

    Teachers wear way too many clothing. I mean, I know it is winter in Pennsylvania, but seriously, can't the teachers with the big melons lean over the desks in a racing t-shirt while she discusses a new verb tense in language class? I'll even bring singles to use in my new smartboard/stripper pole teacher's tool.

  • Teachers are turning towards books.

    Many teachers I've had had done nothing but made us copy from a book. I prefer to have physical lessons, they are more fun, more relatable to the topic (usually), and are more memorable. There's a pattern in my grades, the teachers that involve students in physical lessons I do better with; book teachers, I do the worst with.

    Posted by: JAVC
  • No, teachers are not too non-physical in their lessons.

    I believe that teachers are not too non-physical in their lessons. They don't need to be physical with their lessons. Instead they only have to be able to use technology, such as Smart Boards. Technology, not physical lessons, are what kids in the classroom need today. They need to be digitally savvy in this technological age.

  • What does that even mean?

    Do you want histrionics or an education? I mean I get a monotone lecture is boring, but your stupid kid has to put some concerted effort into his/her education, too. And Mom and Dad that goes for you too. When did the teacher become your kids life mentor? Babysitter, doctor, lawyer, parole officer, psychologist, birth control advisor? Really? School isn't a video game, TV, drugs, alcohol, ie entertainment, it's school..Learn.

  • Use your imagination

    If the teachers are physical all the time then you will never have to use your imagination, your imagination will atrophy. In the real world you will not always have a physical example right in front of your face. You should be able to picture things in your head. It is an important skill.

  • Teachers are still active

    Most of my teachers do teach from books because sometimes they don't have a choice but there have been many times when we got to go outside or have labs during class. Sometimes you have to use a book, like in math, but in science well have tons of labs. Just last week we went outside in history into the woods and got to act out a play. It was fun and we all had a blast. On projects we get to have many, many, many class periods to go out into the hallway and record a skit for class. Teachers are still active but remember sometimes it's better to do book work and sometimes they don't have a choice cuz that's just what they have to do.

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