• Teachers should get more credit for how hard they work.

    Teachers are responsible for their students and even their safety. They grade paper and teach students for seven hours while having other stresses in their life. Most of them care for their students and help contribute to their education. Teachers are undervalued and get paid very little for a big deal their doing. They put a good portion of their time into teaching students

  • As the son of a teacher, I can say yes.

    Contemplate this with me.

    My father (A teacher) has the same income as the local truck drivers.

    Truck drivers. You heard me correctly.
    In America, we take the education of our children just as seriously as we take delivering Pepsi to your local Wal Mart. Isn't this a great country to be born in?

  • Yes, teachers are undervalued.

    Teachers are critical for today's society, and play a critical rule on our future child. Education is extremely important in order to be successful and a productive member of society. My belief is that teachers are extremely undervalued, and should get more support and money. Kids are our future, therefore they deserve the best quality education that can get and utilize.

  • Yes, teachers are undervalued.

    Our teachers mold our children from the time they are five until the day they hit eighteen. Even after that, the colleges continue to teach. They are not given the credit they deserve. They are severely underpaid, they are not respected, and parents tend to yell and scream at them if they scold their children. It is a thankless job and yet they still continue to teach our children.

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DebateGirl221 says2013-05-19T17:21:31.010
I believe that many students undervalue not just teachers, but education itself. I have absolutely no idea why, but they do. If we could figure out these problems and resolve them, then teachers will seem like superheroes to those students.