• Rhe Major Problem

    I personally think that the United States of America needs to start with the teachers' unions in order to fix the public education system. This will be the best way to ensure that we can pay our teachers more. Them getting more pay will help motivate them and bring more qualified teachers from other countries to boost our education system.

  • Yes, teacher unions are the major problem with public education.

    I think a big reason for the decrease in quality in public education in the USA is the lack of motivation of most teachers in the school system. And I think the teacher's union is a major cause of that. Teachers are not concerned about losing their jobs due to poor work performance because they know they have their union to rely on.

  • No, teachers' unions are not the largest problem with American public education.

    No, the unions are not the biggest issue in American education. The biggest problem is the lack of funding available for educational purposes. Whether this means that athletics need to be trimmed or taxes need to go up, a higher level of funding is needed to get the best teachers and keep crucial programs in place.

  • Students' upbringings are the problem.

    Teachers' unions are not the major problem with public education in the USA. The major problem is that so many students come from unmarried single-parent families where there is a lack of respect and discipline. Pushing so many of these kids in one class on one teacher is unjust for the teacher. This is why they unionize partially.

  • No They're Not

    I do not believe teacher's unions are the major problem with public education in the USA. I believe the problem revolves around people entering the field who don't really want to be here. I believe the problem revolves around a lack of planning and the willingness to actually put the time into education. Teachers are too concerned about their time off.

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