• Yes, they are.

    I think a lot of them have a good idea, but then they spend too much money in the beginning and the business goes belly up. I think that in order to make it in this business you need to move slowly and invest wisely and get some good advisers to help along the way.

  • No, tech start-ups are not spending too much money.

    Tech start-ups must spend money to make money. Technology is a thing of the present and will still be important in the future. It takes start-ups to help advance technology along with existing tech companies. If they do not spend money, such companies will not be able to break into the industry.

  • No tech start-ups are not spending too much money.

    No technology start-ups are making major investments in developing functionality and technology that benefits the nation's economy and improves the quality of life for the world community. How can anyone, except the company's investors, say that cost for those results is "too much money." Only the people directly effected, the investors, can challenge the capital invested.

  • No tech startups are not spending too much money

    In order to conceive an idea of staring a tech company, on any start up, he must first of all have entrepreneurial skills, either in born or obtained through learning process. In no way can one say that a start up is spending too much money, since every penny invested in a start up has been calculated for, and it is the optimal.

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