• No big deal

    I don't get why films like this still get such high age ratings - these two are both 15 in England, Which is so stupid! There is nothing in them that most kids don't know about already, They've probably seen worse. The swearing is a bit OTT, But many people speak like that in real life.

    If your kid wants to watch, So go and let them. They will have a great laugh, And so will you probably too!

  • Filthy but OK

    It's dirty but for kids of 8 and above these days there is nothing that would harm. The drug use is not good though. There is swearing, Sex and talk of porn all the way through but it is done in a lighthearted and funny way. The filthy jokes will go over their heads if they are innocent. If they find it funny they must have seen ruder stuff already.

  • Not a family film

    It you are worried about bad role models for children then you should definitely avoid these two films! Whatever the quality of the script and the humour, A lot of the stuff they do in them is not something young kids should be copying. So best not to play them to your younger kids.

  • It's too immature

    There's just too much immaturity and swearing. The story is ridiculous. Having a teddy bear grow up with you as an adult, Just wanted a good idea for a story.

    If anything, For those of us who're Christian, I think we need to watch something that's pure of heart than that.

  • Not for young kids

    There is too much OTT swearing, Sex talk and drink and drugs in these movies for for them to be OK for young kids to watch. Porn is talked about a lot too. They were not made for kids, And that is very clear. Maybe for 12 and up it wouldn't be a concern though.

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