• If something engages your mind and interests you, it's probably worth doing

    TED talks aren't going to change the world. If that isn't obvious by now, it should be. They are the equivalent of a really interesting article you read at the doctor's office. In one week's time, you probably won't remember it, but that doesn't mean you didn't learn anything from it or that it wasn't intellectually stimulating at the time. Nobody forces them self to watch a TED talk about something that is utterly boring to them. People watch them to learn about something unique or quirky. It's like snack food for the brain. The only people who shouldn't watch TED talks are people who literally think they will save the planet by doing so.

  • Yes, an idea communicated is an inspiration for all that hear it.

    Yes, Ted talks are a place where new ideas and old proofs are displayed for the world to see. A place where professionals can gather to bounce ideas off of one another leading to collaborations or inspirations that allow new ideas to form. A place where a farmer, a metalworker, a high school student can watch and be inspired to try to change the world or their life. Knowledge attained is always a suggestion for a better future.

  • Yes, some TED talks are enjoyable.

    I like watching some of the episodes of the TED talks series. I find a lot of the subject matters to be thought provoking and interesting. I also think that people can learn a lot from the. I don't like them all, but there is something there for everybody to like.

  • They are informative.

    Yes, TED talks are worth watching, beacuse they offer high-quality information about a variety of pertinent topics. If they were not worth watching they would not be so popular. Their large and ever-growing fan base speaks to the quality of talks that they provide. It is an excellent service in the modern world.

  • Yes they are

    Yes, these are worth watching, and a whole lot of people really enjoy to sit and tune in to them. I do not think they are all that entertaining, but a large number of people like to. They are a good form of entertainment, and a lot of money is made off them.

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