• Yes, young people are being place in too many mature scenatios.

    Oversexualizing of young actors forces them to act and think older than they really are. This phenomenon also has an effect on the other individuals that are influenced by these young actors and actresses. In some cases, this can lead young people to make poor decisions that can result in mental health issues such as eating disorders and self-esteem issues to name a few.

  • Yes they are.

    Depending on the actor or actress, it would be hard to disagree that they are not over sexualized. The famous maxim is 'Sex sells', and it is no where more pertinent than in movies. Nowadays both male and female movie stars are represented as sex symbols, and their age becomes less important than selling movies

  • Yes teen actors are

    Teen actors seem to be put into roles that are much too old for them. They dramatize consensual sex and even rape. Most will be dressed in very skimpy clothing and told to basically "sell sex". It is a horrible fact that many find teens in this light. As the years progress it just seems to get worse.

  • All actors are oversexualized

    Yes, teen actors are oversexualized, as are adult actors. So much of our entertainment industry seems to be focused on sexuality, as if that was the only part of ourselves we find interesting or entertaining. Why not highlight intelligence and ingenuity in solving crimes, or creativity in designing clothing? Surely there are other aspects of life that audiences would enjoy and appreciate.

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