• YES they are

    Girls are way to rude and mean too each other. It mainly starts in middle school and goes on throughout high school. Girls hang around in tight group, send nasty text messages, and use social media to attack girls. Most of the bulling is mainly because girls aren't fully developed, they don't fit in, or because of what they wear. We need to but this to an end. Guys aren't even this bad. They will just come up to you and tell you they don't like you. Girls always have to be secretive about it.

  • Cyberbullying, Rumors, Stealing friends

    They bully allot more than boys because girls are more insecure. Also they take advantage of Facebook or Snapchat and they cyberbully thinking they won't get caught. They also take girls boyfriends if they think that girl is too ugly for that specific boy. So yes girls are too mean to eachother.

  • Girls are to mean to mean to each other.

    Most suicides are committed because of bullying. Cyber bullying is another way of rude bullying. Girls can just send a short text and it not hurt them at all. When a girls clique comes together they can be very mean. Girls need to stop being so mean to each other. Bullying should be put to a ed

  • Yes and they are getting worse

    To me I think girls are getting to mean. I am 13 and I have seen girls making fun of others just behind texts. The boys just straight up tell you that they don't like you but the girls pretend. My opinion is that girls are way too mean to each other.

  • Yes they are

    Why are girls too mean to each other? It is terrible in these days they will find almost any way to bully each other. These days, girls are meaner than boys, and there shouldn't be any bullying at all Most girls bully on the internet at this second so, help try to get rid of the bullys

  • Are girls too mean to each other today

    Girls are defiantly mean to each other today because girls are becoming insecure about their bodies so they are becoming mean and bulling girls and why mainly girls why can't i be other people they just try to put girls down and they won't stop till they get a reselt from the person that they are bulling which is really stupid but life is stupid so yeah i why girls do this to other girls

  • Yes girls are mean

    Ok this is a topic which is supposed to be important since girls are mean, and yes I am a girl typing this down. Girls do shit to each other and they are like this since society makes them insecure. So they higher their esteem by bullying and hating on girls. They are treating each other badly and they body shame and call each others sluts. It's bad to see girls like this. I have been through shit since a girl treats me like shit. My point here is that girls bite back to protect each other, but sometimes they are too quiet, so don't judge them. Some people are different out there.

  • Girls are mean to each other

    They might be mean to each other because they are jealous or they cant stand them. Not all are mean but a lot of them are jealous and not happy about themselves, they have a low self esteem.Bullying should be put to a stopping point before the next generation is born.

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  • YES !!!! They are sometimes it really depends

    There are girlls that are really but we just have to stand up to them and tell them off that it is not right that they should stop and that they are hurting each other most girls wont care but others to us girl we just have to stick together and try to get along with one another

  • Not all are

    Not all teenage girls are completely mean to each other. Yes some of the girls you find are mean to each other but you have to take a look at every single one. Yes this is a between topic its hard to say witch one is right but this is a more between topic.

  • There's beef sometimes, but us teen girls aren't that mean!

    So all these boys are like "Oh my god! She's so mean!" when someone starts an argument with his girlfriend, but being a teen girl myself, I know all the drama and the worst thing I've ever heard someone say is that a girl told her that her sister, who had a rare type of cancer, that she'd die of cancer. Which didn't happen. The girl didn't say that but she did steal her boyfriend so that's why she said it. Usually, if a girl has a boyfriend and has had them to sleep at their house and they break up soon after that, they get called "slut", "whore", "slag", or something similar to that. We're not that mean! Boys bully people, so why do girls get labelled for it?

  • Some girls are mean but not all

    Girls might be mean but not all. I'm a girl and im not mean. My friends are girls and they are not mean. Yeah sure you seing some girls hurt others and you might start to think girls are mean but i think not all girls are mean. : }

  • Mean Is a relative term.

    Girls are a lot of things, judgmental, aggressive and vindictive, but they can't be too mean. If you call two girls a whore one might say "no i'm not" and runway crying while the other simply says "thanks, you should try it sometime." Girls are mysterious creatures. They don't all respond the same to what is done or said to them. Mean is a relative term because what may be the rudest thing said on the planet earth the other could think of it as a simple opinion.

  • Nooo they're not

    They are most the time being brutally honest. They are telling their opinion. They are told to speak they're mind but when they do it comes across as mean. I don't think that's right. You shouldn't tell girls to speak their mind if you don't like what they have to say.

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